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This parkour Singapore classes review is for A2 Singapore Parkour. A2 is also a parkour gym in Singapore which you can train in without taking the classes. The A2 Singapore Parkour training uses both indoor and outdoor facilities.

I must admit, Singapore was not my ideal setting to do Parkour training. Singapore is not new to me, and it is also quite expensive in relation to the rest of Southeast Asia. I did try to find Parkour training in other places in Asia (cheaper options) but failed.

In saying that, I’m very glad I did go to Singapore to learn Parkour. The training was awesome, and the guys at A2 showed me some cool local spots.

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A2 Parkour Singapore Classes Review

Parkour Training Facilities

A2 Parkour Singapore has a parkour training gym they call the Free Runners Lodge. They also use a few different places around the city of Singapore for “field” training.

Free Runner Lodge

The Free Runners Lodge is what they call their Parkour Gym. It was smaller than I imagined, but a cool setup. It has everything needed to practice your skills in a safe environment.

Field Locations

A2 Singapore Parkour makes use of 3 different field locations. Actually, they train where-ever but the 3 locations are the designated meeting points. Most of the time they train at the meeting point but sometimes they will go within walking distance. I guess it all depends on what the lesson plan is for the day.

It is nice to have a mixture of the indoor parkour gym and outdoor parkour training in Singapore.

Parkour Singapore Classes Review - A2 Singapore Parkour - Freerunners Lodge 1

Parkour Training

A2 Singapore Parkour has a good training schedule. It is good value for money, especially if you train often. A single lesson (90 minutes) costs $25SGD. If you $200SGD for the month you can come to as many classes as you want. With the ability to train 6 days a week it makes for a pretty good saving. If you’re female you can train seven days a week (there is a ladies class on the day in which there is no mixed class).

Or, if you only want to use the Free Runners Lodge without instruction, you can do so every day for $100SGD a month.

They also hold parkour classes for kids. If I had a kid I would definitely enroll them in this. They look like they have a lot of fun.

There are private classes too.

Parkour Singapore Classes Review - A2 Singapore Parkour - Freerunners Lodge 2

A2 Singapore Parkour Training Style

Coming from the Kung Fu Course in China the training was nowhere near as intense, but I was very happy with it. The schedule isn’t very strict so most of the time we would start and finish late. Training often went close to 2 hours instead of the advertised 90 minutes.

Although it was a relaxed atmosphere, I still got a good workout. Especially in the Singaporean heat.

A2 Parkour Instructors

The instructors themselves are patient, friendly, and flexible. They are very knowledgeable about parkour and great at teaching the skills. There seemed to be a lot of “first-timers” at the classes, but the instructors adapted well. Basic exercises were often tweaked to be more challenging for those that needed it.


Safety is a top priority at A2 Singapore Parkour. In 15+ classes I only saw one injury during training. It was only someone knocking their shin. Also, that girl (to put it nicely) was a bit more un-coordinated than the general population.

Parkour Singapore Classes Review - A2 Singapore Parkour - Freerunners Lodge 4

A2 Singapore Parkour Training Curriculum

There was usually a focus on a particular skill set such as vaulting or balance. The teaching method was very progressive. Often he (the instructor) would be like “do this”, and then I would say “I cant do it” or “it’s too high” or some other excuse. He would break the technique and progression down and before the end of the class, I would be doing it.

The instructors love parkour and it shows. They would often use the “break-time” to try new things and improve their own skills.

Basic Parkour Lesson Structure

There was a basic lesson structure which is similiar to most physical training.

Warm up. A basic warm-up and stretch. A jog or conditioning exercises related to the techniques we were learning that day.

Techniques. Each lesson usually focused on 1 to 3 specific techniques/skills.

Cool down. Basic cool-down and stretch.

A2 Parkour Singapore Review - Survive Travel (1)

View from the top of a building we climbed.

A2 Singapore Parkour Training Highlights

There where a few things that stick in my mind about my time with A2 Movements.

The first one is definitely the people I met. I made some good friends and I hope to see them again one day.

In almost every class I accomplished something that I couldn’t do at the start of the class. I learned skills and overcame mental blockages (such as fear).

On my second last lesson, I overcome a few fears. One was a gap jump. Not too high but high enough to be a little scary. The other was scaling up onto the roof of one of the (if not the) tallest building in Singapore.

A2 Parkour Singapore Review - Survive Travel (1)

The building we climbed to the roof of from the ground. The tall one with the red light.

On my last training session, I did a run. I was a little tired as it was at the end of a training session, but it shows a good mix of things I learned.

A2 Singapore Parkour – Final Thoughts

My intention was to get some basic skills so I can continue to self-train. I have done basic self-training before but this opened my eyes – I REALLY enjoyed it! In fact, I now like parkour as much as I like self defense.

Anyway, training with A2 Singapore Parkour was a great experience. I got to live like a local in Singapore, met some great people, and learned some awesome new skills. I achieved my goal and will now be okay to train myself. I can also join parkour enthusiasts while I’m traveling and not look like a total pleb.

Visit the A2 Singapore Parkour Website

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