Cancun to San Ignacio (Mexico to Belize)

Cancun to San Ignacio (Mexico to Belize)
Sam and Aventuras (Survive Travel moderators) recommend and for accommodation and for flights.
Belizian Special

Belizian Special

We’ve been ‘on the road’ for the last 24 hours or so and we’re kinda winging it so last minute decided to take the bus from Cancun to San Ignacio, a town close to the border between Belize (Belice) and Guatemala.

Sam and Aventuras (Survive Travel moderators) recommend and for accommodation and for flights.

So the last 24hours recapped:

  • Took the ferry from Isle De Mujeres to Cancun Bus Terminal.
  • Bought tickets to Belize City (around $400 pesos (35ish usd). Leaves at around 1030pm
  • Put bags in the baggage hold (behind the deli type store in the bus terminal) 12 pesos/hour for 2 large bags
  • Took a walk to check out the cinema, got tickets to the new Bourne movie *350 pesos
  • Got lunch then went for a walk around Cancun. Worth the walk just to see the city a little
  • Bought some ** Imodium (Nimz wasn’t feeling well, and really we should have that stuff on hand anyway)
  • Jumped on bus for Belice city. 8 hour bus ride over night
  • Border crossing at Chetumal. Mexico charges $25usd to exit. Back on the bus to the Belize entry point. Very lax border. Some guy was full on swearing at the immigration officer. They still let him in.
  • Back on bus to Belice. Arrive at about 630 am.
  • Took a taxi to town, about 1 mile up the road. Head out the bus station and just head straight up the road. We paid $2us per person for a taxi, we knew it was a ripp off, should have walked.. not really sure why we didn’t, maybe just tired from the journey
  • Town was closed (Sunday at 630am). Went to bank to get Belizan dollars. Walked back to Bus station and caught bus to San Ignacio. Around 2 to 3 hours. $7.50 Belizian. Prepare to stand for at least half an hour unless your first on the bus.
  • Got to San Ignacio and walked straight up the road to Bellas hostel. $20 Belizan/night. Has kitchen and wifi. No aircon.
  • Showered, went for breakfast. Got the Bellizian special. Love trying new foods.
  • Went for a walk around town, just back at the hostel now trying to find the cheapest way to Barton Caves. Quotes of $40US pp.

*The conversion rate at the time of writing this is about 12 pesos to 1 usd
**Immodium is a over the counter drug for treating diarrhea. A must have.


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