Making A Whistle From A Can. Survival Video.

Making A Whistle From A Can. Survival Video.
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This video shows how to make a whistle out of a piece of tin or aluminum from an ordinary can…Its easy to do!


About the Author:

Sam has had an interest in self preservation and survival e.g. fighting, fitness, escape and evasion, urban and wilderness survival etc. for as long as he can remember. His accumulated knowledge is a result of years of formal and informal training, career related experience and general interest in martial arts, the military and other various outdoor pursuits. Describing himself as a 'Survivalist, Minimalist, Traveler', he has now devoted himself to exploring the world and uses his skills to stay out of/escape 'trouble' whilst exploring the world. He is also a moderator and key contributor of and his complete list of works can be found at