16 Ways to Use a Sarong While Traveling

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I don’t think that it is any secret that sarongs are an awesome bit of travel kit. They are light-weight, compact, and extremely versatile. Here are 16 ways to use a sarong while traveling.

I use my sarong pretty much everyday without fail, even when not traveling. I even keep it in my day-pack so it is always on hand when I need it.

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16 Ways to Use a Sarong While Traveling

These are not all the ways you could use a sarong while traveling. Over a couple of months I noted down all the different ways I used my sarong, except for the last four items. The last four are things I would use the sarong for if needed, but haven’t actually done so.

1. Bedding

This first thing is a few things in one. A sarong can be a bed-sheet in a hostel that’s not up to your standards, a blanket on the bus, a pillow on the plane, etc..

2. Carry Stuff

Use your sarong to carry stuff. Just wrap stuff up in it and away you go. Also, it’s environmentally friendly, i.e., reusable and not plastic.

You could also use it as a papoose and carry a baby in it. I’ve never done this personally but I see locals doing this all the time in Asia and Latin America.

3. Cleaning Cloth

It might ruin your sarong when used for anything major but for little water spills I don’t mind.

4. Emergency Clothing

Handy for temples, or if something happens to the clothes I’m wearing, e.g., my pants get ripped. It can cover your bottom or top.

5. Face Cover

Good for the cold and/or when riding a motorcycle. It keeps the bugs out of your face! This is also handy for those times you want go into ninja mode 😉.

6. Ground sheet

When you don’t want to sit directly on what-ever you want to sit on, then use your sarong as a buffer.

7. Light Blocker

Rig it up as a makeshift curtain or just put it over your eyes when you need some zzz’s.

8. House Pants

Out of all the ways to use a sarong whilst traveling, this is the one I use the most. Well, I don’t actually use my sarong as pants, but I don’t use it as a skirt either – because I’m a guy! I use it for what it is, a sarong. Mostly just when in private and just want to be comfortable, e.g., in the hotel room.

9. Rope

For those times you need to tie something on the go, the sarong can do the job.

10. Scarf

Probably because you are cold, or perhaps for fashion.

11. Sun Protection

I got this use from a Filipina friend. When we forgot the umbrella she would wrap her sarong around her head and drape it over her shoulders.

12. Towel

I’m surprised how often I go into hotels that don’t give me a towel. Luckily I have my sarong. Also good for those times outside of the hotel, like hot springs or the beach.

These last four ways to use a sarong while traveling are not things I’ve actually done, but would do if needed.

13. Collect Water

Caught in a survival situation? Use your sarong to soak up that hard to get water and then suck it out of it.

14. Emergency Toilet Paper

You probably will want to throw your sarong out afterwards but if you gotta go you gotta go, and you gotta clean yourself afterwards, right?

15. First Aid

Your sarong can be a sling, bandage, tourniquets, etc.

16. Fishing net

Cured your thirst but not your hunger? Go ahead and catch some fish to eat with your trusty sarong!.

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