32 Ways to Use Coconut Oil While Traveling

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Discover 32 ways to use coconut oil while traveling. A couple of friends I met up with in Thailand put me onto coconut oil. They (girls) were using it in their hair and as a moisturizer.

After doing a little research I discovered that there are many ways to use coconut oil while traveling. For me, being a minimalist traveler, I have used it to replace a number of items.

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32 Ways to Use Coconut Oil While Traveling

1. Daily Supplement. I use coconut oil as a daily supplement. I like to have a tablespoon o fit a day. You could also cook with it or use it in coffee.

Here is some dosage guidelines but being natural you can’t really overdose. I think the worse that will happen is you get the runs.

Body Weight in kg / Daily Amount in Tablespoons
79+ / 4
68+ / 3 1/2
57+ / 3
45+ / 2 1/2
34+ / 2
23+ / 1 1/2
11+ / 1

Here is a few of the health benefits of coconut oil when taken orally.

  • Helps control high cholesterol
  • Helps control high blood pressure
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves energy
  • Helps prevent and treat diabetes
  • Prevents liver disease
  • Prevents kidney disease
  • Prevents gall bladder disease
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Lowers risk/effects of Alzheimers
  • Helps fight measles
  • Helps fight hepatitis
  • Helps fight SARS
  • Helps fight ulcers
  • Helps fight urinary tract infections
  • Helps fight pneumonia.

… and so on

2. Oil Pulling / Mouthwash. Coconut oil is a good replacement for mouthwash. Oil pulling is when you put a small amount of coconut oil in your mouth (I take a small sips worth) and swish it around for 10 to 20 minutes. This draws out all the toxins in your mouth. Spit it out.

3. Small Wounds Care. With its antiviral and antibacterial properties coconut oil promotes healing and fights infection. You can put it on a wound (cuts, scrapes, abrasions, etc) and it will help protect it by keeping out bacteria and other foreign bodies.

4. Anti-fungal.Coconut oil is also an anti-fungal which means you can apply it to ringworm, athletes foot, and other fungal infections.

5. Anti-inflammatory.It also fights inflammation.

6. Mouth Sores. Apply coconut oil to cold sores several times a day. It also helps with Angular Chelitis (little mouth sores).

7. Insect Bites. My go to for insect bites is actually Tiger Balm, but if I don’t have that handy then coconut oil also helps.

8. Insect Repellant. It helps sooth bites and it will prevent you getting bit in the first place.

9. Soothe Rashes. Being an anti-inflammatory coconut oil helps with the swelling and will also help lubricate and soothe the area.

10. Soothe a Dry Nose. Rub a little coconut oil inside a dry nostril to moisturize it.

11. Keep You Regular. If you are not keen on taking coconut oil as a daily supplement then perhaps you will do it to prevent constipation. If you are already constipated then up your dose to 2+ Tablespoons.

12. Soothe a Sore Throat. Take 1 teaspoon three times a day and/or add it to a lemon, ginger, garlic, and honey tea.

13. Soothe a Dry Cough. Swallowing a teaspoon of coconut oil will not only soothe the cough but it also protects it from dust and other irritants.

NOTE: Only use on a dry cough. If you are coughing up phlegm then you do not want stop your body from exiling the bad stuff. You can learn more about this and many other related topics in Wilderness and Travel Medicine by Sam Fury.

14. Food Poisoning. Got a bad stomach? Try 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with orange juice once daily.

15. Moisturizer. I threw away my other moisturizer and now use a small amount of coconut oil on my face. Unlike many commercial moisturizers coconut oil will actually help heal and rejuvenate your skin instead of just “soaking in”.

16. Tattoo Care. I also use it to moisturize my tattoos, and I read that it is good to protect and help heal new tattoos.

17. Sunscreen. I wouldn’t rely on it to go to the beach, but coconut oil does have a natural SPF 4 protection, which is better than a kick in the groin.

18. Lip Balm.Coconut Oil also makes it a very good lip balm. It will soothe dry lips as well as give it sun protection. As a bonus, it will make you lips taste nice to kiss 😉 .

19. Make-up Remover. I’m not in the habit of wearing make-up (cause I’m a guy) but I hear this is better than most other commercial make-up removers. Also, it is no-where near as bad for your skin, in fact, it’s good for it.

20. Shaving Cream. I do not wear make up but I do shave and now I do not have to carry around shaving cream because coconut oil does the same thing.

21. Deodorant. The are some simple deodorant recipes which use can use but being the minimalist traveler I am I just put coconut oil on directly. It decreases the odor causing bacteria and smells good.

22. Control Lice. Dip a toothed comb in coconut oil and run it through your hair for prevention and cure of head lice.

23. Conditioner. I suspect this is what my friends were using it for in Thailand. You can also use it to fight hair frizz, another thing I don’t have a problem with (I have short hair). Apply a small amount on your fingers and run it through your hair ends.

24. Hair De-tangler. Wet your hair, massage in some coconut oil, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Start at the bottom with a comb and work your way up.

25. Remove Chewing Gum. Whether it be in your hair, carpet, or clothes, apply coconut oil liberally on the affected area. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so then wipe the gum away.

26. Bath Oil. Make your bath extra relaxing with a few drops of coconut oil.

27. Carrier Oil. For those of you into essential oils, coconut oil makes a great carrier oil.

28. Massage Oil. This is another one of my favorite uses for coconut oil. I enjoy giving and receiving massages, but who carries around massage oil when traveling? Well, now I do.

29. Body Lubricant. NOT compatible with latex, but a good lubricant none the less.

30. General Lubricant. You can use coconut oil to lubricate almost anything such as small motors, squeaky doors, etc. Do not use too much though, especially in cold climates as it can solidify.

31. Polisher. Use coconut oil to polish metal and/or leather.

32. Ink Remover. The last thing on this list of ways to use coconut oil while traveling is to clean ink off your skin. Rub a little coconut oil on the stain and wipe it off with a dry cloth two minutes later.

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There are many other uses for coconut oil (such as making soap or toothpaste) but I left them out because they are not really practical for the traveler.

Thanks to coconut oil I no longer need to carry lavender oil, clove oil, deodorant, moisturizer, shaving cream, lip balm, or mouth wash. If I was a female I would also be able to get rid of my make up remover and hair conditioner. I also now have massage oil and a back up for some minor first aid issues.

Did you find this list of ways to use coconut oil while traveling useful? If so, please share it with your friends.

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