20 Must Try Thai Foods, Thailand

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Discover 20 must try Thai foods. This is a selection of Thai foods that I tried when I went to Patong Beach in Thailand.

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20 Must Try Thai Foods

1. Thai Noodles

Cost: 120-160Baht

The first item on my list of must try Thai Foods is the first thing I ate in Phuket. I went for a walk along Bangla street and saw a little food court. I basically just asked for a plate of Thai Style Noodles with pork and this is what they gave me. It wasn’t quite Pad Thai but pretty similar. I liked it.

The fruit juice was also pretty good. Fresh mango and orange for 120 baht. I ended up getting a lot of fruit juices and shakes during my stay in Patong Beach.

Phuket Foods Thailand Survive Travel - Thai Noodles

Thai Noodles – Not quite pad thai but pretty similiar and just as delicious

2. Yellow Noodle Salad Thai Style

Cost: 80Baht

Raw onion and two minute Maggie style noodles. Still pretty good. 80Baht from the food court on level three in Patong Square near the Jungceylon shopping center.

Yellow Noodle Salad Thai Style - Phuket Foods - Thailand - Survive Travel

Yellow Noodle Salad Thai Style

3. Penang Curry

Of the different types of Thai curries, Penang Curry is probably my favorite. Not much else to say about that.. it’s delicious.

Must Try Thai Foods - Penang Curry - Survive Travel

Penang Curry – my favorite Thai curry

4. Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry is maybe a tad below Panang on my “best curry lists” – it too, is pretty spectacular.

Must Try Thai Foods - Thai Green Curry - Survive Travel

Thai Green Curry

5. Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum soup is hot and sour. I think traditionally it is with seafood, but you can also get meat or vegetarian versions, which is good for me because I’m not a big fan of seafood.

Although made differently in other places it is comparable to Suan La Tang (China) or Laksa (Malaysia / Singapore). According to my Malaysian family it is good for hangovers / motion sickness / dizziness type ailments. I tested it, it’s pretty good. Lots of herbs and stuff.

Must Try Thai Foods - Tom Yum - Survive Travel

Tom Yum – Similar to Malaysian Laksa or Chinese Suan La (hot and sour).

6. Fried Noodles

Pretty similar to Chinese style fried noodles. They used a thick rice noodle (He Fen in Chinese, Char Kway Teow in Malaysia). It was pretty good.

Thai Foods - Fried Noodles - Survive Travel

Fried Noodles

7. Pineapple Rice

This dish was pretty amazing. It had pine nuts inside it which was a pretty big winner for me.

Thai Foods - Pineapple Rice - Survive Travel

Pineapple rice from Phuket in Thaiand.

8. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice is a must try Thai desert. Also, mango is one of my favorite fruits so having it fresh on the side was awesome. The sticky rice is sweet with condensed milk on top.

Thai Foods - Mango Sticky Rice - Survive Travel

I’m not big on deserts (except ice-cream) but this was pretty good.

9. Pad See Ew

Pad See Ew is an interesting dish. Flat rice noodle stir fry (choose what meat) on an omelet pancake. Tasted pretty good.

Thai Foods - Pad See Ew - Survive Travel

Pad See Ew

10. Gai Phad Med Ma Muang

The English translation of this is stir fired chicken with cashew nut. It, like all Thai food, was very tasty. There are many other stir fry dishes like this. Very similar to Chinese style dishes.

Must Try Thai Foods-Thailand Gai Phad Med Ma Muang - Survive Travel

Gai Phad Med Ma Muang a.k.a. Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts

11. Pad Thai

This is probably the most famous Thai dish in the world, and for good reason. It is absolutely mouth watering and it is hard not to order it for every meal. Also, it is usually one of the cheapest items on the menu.

Must Try Thai Foods Thailand Pad Thai - Survive Travel

Pad Thai – It’s good all around the world – its better in Thailand!

12. Satay

Pretty much the same as Malaysian satay. BBQ’d meat on a stick with some satay sauce.. yes please!

Must Try Thai Foods Thailand - Satay - Survive Travel

Satay with satsy and sweet chilli sauce. Check out the presentations.. love pineapple.

13. Street Pancakes

Absolutely delicious! The one pictured below is banana and chocolate, but there are all sorts of stuff, including egg and cheese if you feel like something savoury.

Must Try Thai Foods Thailand - Banana Pancakes - Survive Travel

All the Pancake Stall people seem to be young teenage boys.

40-50 Baht depending on the filling you choose.

Must Try Thai Foods Thailand - Banana Pancakes - Survive Travel

Banana, Chocolate and topped with condensed milk.

14. Suki

Suki is a Thai style noodle soup which uses glass noodles in a slightly spicy broth.

We found this little outdoor restaurant about a ten-minute walk from the main tourist part of Patong Beach. Food was cheap and good and we even got some free cooking lessons.

Must Try Thai Foods -Thailand - Survive Travel - Suki

Suki – A Thai style noodle soup with glass noodles.

15. Wild Boar Red Curry

This wild boar red curry cost 150 Baht from the same place we got Suki. They leave the fat on which gives it a bit of crunch.

Must Try Thai Foods -Thailand - Survive Travel - Wild Boar Red Curry

Wild Boar Red Curry

16. Ice Roll

Kind of like Cold Rock ice-cream but they freeze condensed milk (I think). Lots of different flavors available. 80 Baht from the market across the road from the Bangla Muay Thai Stadium.

17. Tom Kha Gai

This is a soup dish with a massive amount of different flavors. I got it from some little Rasta restaruant just north of the beach front food stalls to the north of Phuket Graceland Resort.

Coconut soup broth with ginger, lemongrass, chillies and some other stuff. It tasted awesome but would have been better with a touch less spice. Cost 120 Baht.

Thai Foods - SurviveTravel - Papaya Salad

Tom Kha Gai

18.Papaya Salad

Picked this one up from a beach-front restaurant in Rawai Beach. Out of all the Thai foods I tasted this was the worst… and it was still good! Perhaps a little spicy but some good intense flavors going on.

Must Try Thai Foods - SurviveTravel - Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad

19.Thai Sweets

I picked these up for my Malaysian family so as I write this I haven’t tried them. A variety of fruit flavored candy, which I assume are made from the fruit they claim to be.

100 Baht a packet seems to be the standard price. Buy a few and get a deal. I bought four for 350Baht, but I don’t barter very hard.

Must Try Thai Foods - Survive Travel - Thai Sweets

Thai Sweets

20. Street Foods

The last thing on my list of must try Thai foods is to sample the street food, and there’s lots of it to have a go at.

On my last day I discovered this guy across the road from the Graceland Phuket Resort selling noodles and rice with pork or chicken from his cart. I wish I found him earlier, I probably would have gone to him every other meal.

I got noodles and pork for 80 Baht, and that was from the beach across the road from an “expensive” resort so I’m sure you can get it cheaper.

Must Try Thai Food - Thai Street Food - Noodle Soup - Survive Travel

Noodle soup from a cart guy.. better than a lot of the meals I had in pricey restaurants.

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