6 Day Melaka Itinerary, Malaysia

6 Day Melaka Itinerary, Malaysia

This post is a summary of my 6 day Melaka itinerary. Melaka is a UNESCO heritage city located in West Malaysia, about two hours bus ride south of Kuala Lumpur.

This 6 day Melaka itinerary also includes a costs summary with the total expenditure and daily average in local currency and USD.

A while ago I had booked a ticket to Kuala Lumpur without really knowing where I would go – Kuala Lumpur is a good airport to go pretty much anywhere else in the world.

Since buying that ticket I decided I would stay in Malaysia a little longer than originally planned decided to have a short local trip instead. I chose Melaka.

6 Day Melaka Itinerary

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Day One

Arrive Melaka.
Sleep Food Tourism House.

6 Day Melaka Itinerary - Heritage Walk - Survive Travel

Looking at the church where the bus drops you in town.

Day Two

Heritage walk.
Sleep Food Tourism House.

6 Day Melaka Itinerary  - Jonker Walk - Survive Travel

Street art on one of the side-streets of Jonker Walk.

Day Three

Mini Malaysia.
Sleep Food Tourism House.

6 Day Melaka Itinerary - Melaka House - Survive Travel

This is the only house in Mini Malaysia where they made such nice stairs. It is the Melaka house.

Day Four

Melaka Botanical Gardens.
Night markets.
Sleep Food Tourism House.

6 Day Melaka Itinerary  - Front Garden - Survive Travel

Small but well maintained garden inside the Melaka Botanical Gardens. That structure behind it is actually a fish tank.

Day Five

Malay Sultanate Palace.
Sleep Food Tourism House.

6 Day Melaka Itinerary  (8) - Water fountain - Survive Travel

Looking back towards the Malay Sultanate Palace from the far rear of the garden.

Day Six

Back to Kota Kinabalu.

6 Day Melaka Itinerary - Markets - Survive Travel

Jonker walk night market.

Here’s a video slideshow of the photos I took during this 6 day Melaka itinerary.

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6 Day Melaka Itinerary Costs Summary

This summary of costs for my 6 day Melaka itinerary includes return flights to Kota Kinabalu, food, accommodation, and any other expenses during the six days.

Total Expendature: 760MYR = 175USD

Average Daily Expenditure: 127MYR = 30USD

What places would you add to your 6 day Melaka itinerary? Let us know them, or anything else you want to say, in the comments 😀 .

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