7 Must Try Chengdu Foods

7 Must Try Chengdu Foods

Discover 7 must try Chengdu foods. Chengdu is the biggest city in the province of Sichuan in China, and Sichuan food is famous all over the world for its spice.

I was going to call this post must try Sichuan Foods but I’m not sure if all of them are unique to Sichuan. One thing I am sure of though is that I ate them in Chengdu.

This must try foods of Chengdu post includes pictures, costs, and other useful information as well as some not so useful personal opinions.

7 Must Try Chengdu Foods

1. Sheng Jiao Nu Rou Dao Shao Mian

Birth of pepper, beef, knife shaved noodles

Cost: 9rmb for a medium sized bowl.

The first item on my list of Chengdu foods is Sheng Jiao Nu Rou Dao Shao Mian. I wanted to lay of the chilli but ordered this by accident. Actually, it was not as spicy as it looks, but my mouth did go a little numb.

Dao shao mian, I’m pretty sure, is actually a northern speciality (Xian I think), but I am sure the peppers are the Sichuan twist on it.

Chengdu Foods - Sheng Jiao Nu Rou Dao Shao Mian

Sheng Jiao Nu Rou Dao Shao Mian

2. Chengdu Street Snacks

There is a large variety of street snacks and they are all different prices, but usually no more than 2 or 3 rmb.

Chengdu Foods - Street Snacks Potato

This one has potato and some spice

Sichuan Foods - Street Snacks Honey

This one was sweet, honey I think

Total cost for both of the above was 3.5rmb

Street Foods of Chengdu - Survive Travel (1)

There’s lots of these vendors all over Chengdu

Street Foods of Chengdu - Survive Travel

This was from a “restaurant” under a bridge. 8-10rmb depending on how much you eat.

3. Mapo Doufu

Mapo Tofu

Cost: 8rmb

I’ve had mapu doufu (tofu) plenty of times, this was as good as ever.

8rmb for the doufu + vegetable soup and a bowl of rice, 13rmb in total.

Chengdu Foods - Mapo Doufu

Mapo Doufu

4. Pai Gu Mian Xian

Pork Ribs Thread Noodles

Cost: 8rmb for a small bowl.

I’m not sure if this is a Sichuan specialty but I haven’t seen this type of noodle before and it seems to be everywhere here. The fact that it is Paigu (pork ribs) is just what I had in it. The actual noodle is what is interesting. Kind of like La Mian.

Roughly translated, mian means noodle and xian means thread.

Chengdu Foods - Pai Gu Mian Xian

Pai Gu Mian Xian

5. Suan Tai Rou Si

Garlic shoots with sliced pork

Cost: 8rmb with bottomless rice

I’m not feeling 100% so I decided to up my garlic intake. I found this little place about a 10 minute walk from my accommodation with a good menu and it’s pretty cheap. Filled with local men drinking beer and eating. The food is good. I think I’ll be going back here for most evening meals for the remainder of my time here. They have a bunch of things on the menu I want to try out and although most of them probably are not special to Sichuan they will probably be included in this list of Sichuan foods.

Chengdu Foods - Suan Tai Rou Si

Suan Tai Rou Si

6. Food from Kuan and Zhai Alley

There’s a massive selection of unique foods to try in Kuan and Zhai alley. This picture is just a small sample.

Chengdu Foods in Juan and Zhai Alley

Just a small sample of the food in Kuan and Zhai Allay

7. Gān Biān Sì Jì Dòu

Sichuan Style Fried Green Beans

Cost: 5rmb with bottomless rice

This last dish on my list of 7 Foods of Chengdu does not look as fantastic as other dishes but is probably the only one on this list that I am 100% definitely sure that it is Sichuan style. I don’t really like green beans, but this was pretty good. Simple and healthy. Just the right amount of spices.

Gān Biān Sì Jì Dòu - Foods of Chengdu - Survive Travel (3)

Gān Biān Sì Jì Dòu – Sihuan style green beans – Simple, healthy and delicious.

You do not have to get green beans. Gan Bian is the style of cooking. The place I got it from also had eggplant and a few other options with this style.

Do you know of any other must try Chengdu foods that should be on this list? We’d love to hear about them or anything else you want to say in the comments 😀 .

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