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Hi 😀 . My name is Bert Luxing and on this page I’m going to do my best to tell you a bit about myself and also about Survive Travel.

For your enjoyment, I’ve also included some captioned memes of fictional characters I admire.

First off, here’s some links to a few of my favorite and most useful travel posts.

About Survive Travel - Batman - Survive Travel Publications

Batman is my all time favorite superhero. He doesn’t have any special powers. He’s awesome because he trained hard and made it happen (just ignore the fact he had bucket loads of money too).

About Me

I was born in the early 80’s in the large(ly empty) state of Western Australia. My father was a Malaysian born Chinese, and my mother is Colombian. Unfortunately their only shared language was English, so that’s all I knew growing up, but now I have a love for learning languages, although admittedly, I’m not great at them.

I consider myself to be a slow traveler, meaning that when I go somewhere I like to rent a place for at least a month. That way I can take my time – wake up naturally, exercise my mind and body, attempt to cook local dishes, have an afternoon siesta, and explore at a leisurely pace.

Of course, this style of ‘slow travel’ is not always possible (mostly due to visas restrictions), and often I just want to check places out instead of living in them.

When exploring I tend to stay away from the bright lights, bars, and nightclubs. I much prefer to do things like taste-test my way through the neighborhoods, people watch in the park, hike to waterfalls, ride through the country side, go snorkeling, attempt to learn the local language, etc. I usually take in a “tourist trap” or two also – they’re not tourist traps for nothing.

Bertahan Luxing

Creating Survive Travel

I first started blogging when I first started traveling, somewhere around 2003/2004. Back then it was just a hobby, and it wasn’t called Survive Travel. I made money with odd jobs both in Australia and abroad.

About 10 years later, while freezing my butt off in a small town in the north of China, I decided that I was tired of “having” to get up and go to work (I was teaching English at the time), so I worked towards creating an online income, one where I wouldn’t have to answer to anyone but myself and that I could do from anywhere with an internet connection – someplace warm! I started to create Survive Travel and Survive Travel Publications, and later on Survival Fitness Plan.

In 2015 I reached my goal and now I blog as I travel the world attempting to learn new languges and working towards my other goals.

Here are some things I am currently working on.

… and some things I endeavor to do

About Survive Travel - Wolverine

Wolverine is a rogue traveler who doesn’t mind breaking the rules for the greater good.

About Survive Travel

Basically, there are two aspects to Survive Travel.

  1. A travel blog.
  2. Independant publishing, i.e., Survive Travel Publications.

The travel blog portion is basically just me writing about my random travel adventures.

Why Survive Travel?
When I first made the switch to Survive Travel I posted a lot of information about my non-travel interests also, which has a lot to do with survival, self-defense, parkour, SERE, etc. I have now built a second website dedicated to these things (, but since I have had for so long I did not want to change it.

Survive Travel Publications

Around 2012/2013 I met two very special people, Sam Fury and Aventuras. We got to talking and discovered we all had the same goal – to be able to just travel around without having to stop and work for the man. We went about creating Survive Travel Publications.

Aventuras and Sam write the books and I publish/market them. It was a big learning curve and a lot of hard work for all of us but as of mid-2015 all three of us achieved our goal of being able to just travel without having to “work for the man.”

My hope is that, in a few years, I will be able to help others publish their books too.

About Survive Travel - Archer - Survive Travel Publications

Archer is a drunk and a womaniser, which I am not, but I admire that he does what wants regardless of the societal norm. More importantly, he always sees the humour in life.

Well that’s it for now.

Safe Travels,

Bert Luxing 😀 .

If you have any questions or comments about Survive Travel please feel free to post them below 😀 .

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