Alona Beach Review, Bohol, Philippines

Alona Beach Review, Bohol, Philippines

This post is a Alona Beach review. Alona Beach is a “tourist beach” and a well-known dive spot found on Pacitan island in Bohol, Philippines.

This Alona review includes directions, pictures, costs and my personal opinions which may or may not contain useful information.

Cost(s): Depends what you want to do. General entry is free.

Address: South of Pacitan Island, just off the coast of Bohol.

Alona Beach Review

I hired a motorbike this morning from the TMR Pension house. My sole purpose for the day was to check out a number of different accommodations on Pacitan island and Loboc, and also to check out …

By the end of the day I decided TMR is the best deal in the whole of Bohol. The island is small enough that nothing is more than a couple of hours ride away. Of course, if you purpose of travel is to chill and/or get drunk by a world class beach then you will probably want to stay in one of the MANY resorts along Alona Beach.

Three things that stood out to me about Alona Beach are:

  1. Over most of Bohol I saw very few tourists. It is because (apparently) they are all on Alona Beach.
  2. Everything is overpriced. Still pretty cheap by western standards, but definitely made for foreigners.
  3. I prefer Moalboal. Alona Beach reminded me of Moalboal, only not as good, however, that could be because I spent lots more time in Moalboal and made friends etc.
Alona Beach Review - Beach Front - Survive Travel

There’s no shortage of bars and restaurants Along the waterfront of Alona Beach.

Things to do in Alona Beach

I literally spent less than an hour on Alona Beach so I can’t really give any details on things to do but here’s a general list:

  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Swimming
  • Drinking
  • Other Watersports
  • Ride around the Island
  • Rent a house — yep, there are LOTS of places to rent long term dotted around the island

If you are after a “beach resort” holiday then Alona Beach is a good way to go. It is a very nice beach and there are lots of little restaurants around. Also, since Bohol is quite a small island anyway, you can easily rent a motorbike and see the many other attractions Bohol has to offer.

Alona Beach Review - Apartment for Rent - Survive Travel

There’s plenty of apartments and houses fro rent on Panglao Island

Need somewhere to sleep while visiting Alona Beach in Bohol? Find your perfect accommodation no matter what your budget.

Getting to Alona Beach in Bohol

I rode in on a motorcycle.

Your other option is to get a tricycle or taxi to drop you off form Tagbilaran. There are many offers waiting for you at the airport, bus station or ferry port depending on how you got into Tagbilaran.

Have you been to Alona Beach in Bohol before? Help out other readers and leave your Alona Beach review below, and if you know of more or updated information or even if you just want to say hi then please leave a comment 😀 .

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