16 Amazing Malaysian Foods

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Malaysia is one of the best places in the world for food. Other than the Malay cuisine, there’s a lot of Indian and Chinese food too. The last time I was in Malaysia was 5 months ago and I wrote this post on amazing Malaysian foods but for some reason never actually posted it. Just as well because since then I’ve been living in the Philippines and I haven’t been doing anything “travelly”, so this at least gives me something to share.

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16 Amazing Malaysian Foods

1. Pan Mian

One of my Uncle’s favorite places to eat lunch is this place that specializes in Pan Mian. Pan Mian basically noodle soup but it is the freshly made noodles and the soup broth which makes it extra delicious.

I think one of the main reasons he likes it so much is because of the freshly chopped garlic for your chili sauce. I must admit that the chili sauce is one of my favorite things about that place also.

Pan Mian - Amazing foods of malaysia - Survive Travel

Pan Mian

2. Indian Food

I did a quick trip to Penang to take a Jin Shin Jyutsu course. My accommodation was in Little India so eating some Indian food was inevitable. This is a generic Indian meal, i.e., choosing dishes from already cooked food. There are some specific dishes later on.

Indian Food - Amazing foods of malaysia - Survive Travel

A dish from Little India.

3. Shui Jiao Mian

Another dish I had while in Penang was shui jiao mian – dumpling and noodle soup.

Shui Jiao Mian - Amazing foods of malaysia - Survive Travel

Penang is known for being an amazing place for food.

4. ABC

A desert favorite. I find that there is a version of this in most places in Asia. In the Philippines it is halo halo, and it is called ice porridge in China. They are all the same concept with their slights twists.

They Malay version is generally shaved ice, sugary syrup, fruits, jelly, mungbean, condensed milk, sometimes corn, and icecream if you pay a little extra. Prepare for a very filling sugar rush!

Amazing Malaysian Foods (1) - Ice Kacang - ABC - Survive Travel

I wouldn’t eat it everyday, but a great “little” treat.

5. Penang Laksa

Penang is thought to be the food capital of Malaysia and Penang Laksa is one of the most famous dishes. With good reason!

I’ve had many Laksa’s in my time in all parts of Asia. Hands down, this was the best I’ve had. Well done Penang.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (2) - Penang Laksa - Survive Travel

Easily my favorite version of Laksa.

6. Satay

Back in Kota Kinabalu and my Aunty wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner, which actually turned out to be a mid-afternoon feed.

In any case, she seemed pretty adamant about getting satay from some restaurant a friend had recommended to her. It was a good move.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (3) - Satay - Survive Travel

Malaysia does very good Satay

7. Nasi Ayam

Nasi ayam is a very common cheap meal all over Malaysia. It is chicken and rice. There are a few different types depending on how you want your chicken cooked (steamed, roasted, etc.)

I got this one from the airport on my way to Melaka. Even from the airport it only cost 7MYR.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (4) - Nasi Ayam - Survive Travel

Nasi Ayam (chicken and rice). A staple favorite in many parts of the world.

8. Sup Ayam

Once I got to Melaka I checked into my accommodation and proceeded to have a lengthy conversation with the owner of the guesthouse. It was a good conversation but by the time it finished most of the restaurants close-by were closed. The only thing open was an Indian restaurant which had no vegetables on the menu so I ordered this chicken soup with rice. 5MYR.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (5) - Sup Ayam - Survive Travel

Spicy chicken soup and rice. A good dinner, only 5MYR.

9. Yee Mee

A long time ago, maybe more than a decade ago, one of my Uncles took me to eat Yee Mee. Basically another type of noodle soup but I really liked the type noodles. When I walked past some hole in the wall restaurant in Melaka it caught me eye on the menu. Cost 4MYR.

It was not the same as I remembered, but still delicious.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (6) - Yee Mee - Survive Travel

Yee Mee – My uncle used to call it rats tail noodles.

10. Kuih

Number ten on this list of amazing Malaysian foods is Kuih. Kuih are traditional Malay cakes. There are many different types. This one is called Kuih Ketayap and is actually one of my favorite types of kuih. It was given to me by the wife of the owner of the Sleep Food Tourism House which is where I resided whilst in Melaka.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (7) - Kuih Ketayap - Survive Travel

I don’t know what’s inside it, but it is sweet and delicious. Reminds me of a honey pancake.

Later that same day I went to Mini Malaysia and in there I saw this poster which displays all the different types of Kuih.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (8) - Kuih - Survive Travel

There are many types of cakes/sweets in Malaysia.

11. Ayam Penyek

I’m pretty sure this is an Indonesian dish. There seems to be a fare bit of Indonesian food in Melaka. Anyway, fried chicken, sambal, rice, novelty greens. Hits the spot with an ice lemon tea all for under 10myr.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (9) - Ayam Penyek - Survive Travel

It’s really just a different style of chicken rice.

12. Roti Bakar

For my last dinner in Melaka I went to a restaurant that I went to the first night specifically so I could try a couple fo dishes that interested me, the first being this one, roti bakar.

It is basically egg toasted bread, which is what I was expecting, but it had a little fishy taste to it. Maybe they mix in something with the egg, or perhaps the sauce was fish sauce. In any case, I don’t like fish so I was a bit dissapointed. Still okay to eat though.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (10) - Roti Bakar - Survive Travel

Wasn’t as tasty as I thought it would be. Still edible though.

13. Rojak

The second dish I wanted to try was rojak. I didn;t really know what to expect from this and am a bit undecided about if I liked it or not. It was definately edible, but maybe too sweet for me.

It was mixed fruit in sweet sauce, and spicy. I think you can get non-fruit versions but whatever the waitress was telling me got lost in translation.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (11) - Rojak - Survive Travel

Sweet and spicy. Not really my thing but worth the taste test.

14. Kon Lau Mi

This is very common in Malaysia. It’s basically just noodles in soy sauce, although I am sure there is more to it than that.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (14) - Kon Lau Mi - Survive Travel

One of my little brother’s favorites.

15. Japanese Tofu and Ground Meat

One of my favorite dishes. You can tell because I started eating it before I took a picture.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (15) - Japanese Tofu and Ground Meat - Survive Travel

I’m a big fan of tofu, especially Japanese tofu.

16. Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo is basically Chinese style tofu stuffed with pork.

Amazing Malaysian Foods (16) - Yong Tau Foo - Survive Travel

I love Yong Tau Foo but this was pretty average. My uncle makes it way better.

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Well that’s eat for this list of 16 amazing Malaysian foods. It’s making me miss it – Philippines cuisine has nothing on Malaysia.

Did you enjoy this list of amazing Malaysian foods? If so, please share them with your friends.

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