15 Typical Singaporean Foods

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Discover 15 typical Singaporean foods.

The food of Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. Famous dishes of Singapore include dishes from India, China, and Malaysia. Western food is easy to find too.

Despite being one of the more expensive locations of Asia, the street food in Singapore is still cheap. It’s not hard to get some local Singapore cuisine for under $7SGP.

I even saw a few Indian places with ‘2 meat and 2 veg’ for $2-3SGP.

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15 Amazing Singapore Foods

1. Chicken Briyani

Cost: $6SGD

Chicken Briyani is in almost every Indian restaurant. It is a cheap and delicious Singaporean meal. I thought a chili was a bean which hurt a little.

Chicken Briyani Amazing Singapore Food

Chicken Briyani

2. Popeyes

Cost: $7SGD
Popeye’s is a US southern style fried chicken fast food joint. I include it for 2 reasons:

  1. It shows that western fast food is plentiful in Singapore.
  2. Because I’ve always wanted to go to Popeye’s but for some reason or another never have.

I wasn’t happy with it. It was basically a slightly better version of KFC, which doesn’t say much since KFC is my least favorite Fast Food.

3. Haianese Chicken

Cost: $7SGD

I thought this was better than the Hainese Chicken I had in Hainan.

This place was next door to the toy museum.

Hainese Chicken Amazing Singapore Foods

Better Hainanese Chicken than what I had in Hainan

4. Wafer Ice-cream Sandwich

Cost: $1.20SGD

A solid block of ice-cream sandwiched between two wafers.

It comes in a variety of flavors including red bean and durian which are acquired tastes that are worth a try. $1.20SGP on the Esplanade bridge or only $1SGP around Bugis Square.

Icecream sandwhich Amazing Singapore Foods

A block of blueberry ice-cream in some wafer crackers

5. Bee Hoon

Cost: $3SGP

I found this in an Indian restaurant. I thought it would be pretty similar to Mee Hoon (thin rice noodles) and it was… but pink.

Bee Hoon Amazing Singapore Foods

There’s pink rice noodles under the egg

6. Masala Dosai

Cost: $3SGD

Dosai is like a pancake rolled around some filling. This one had a potato mixture inside. There are many types to choose from. Prices depend on what’s inside.

Masala Dosai Amazing Singapore Foods

Masla Dosai. There’s many different types/flavors of Dosai

7. Nasi Ayam Penyet

Fried chicken and rice. It is also available with ikan (fish). It was a good meal and only 4SGP from Changgi Village, near the bumboat to Pulau Ubin.

Finding the best place to live in the world Nasi Ayam Penyet

A style of chicken rice, apparently famous in Singapore. Delicious.

8. Laksa

Cost: $5-$7SGD

I’ve had Laksa in Malaysia but saw this one restaurant on a travel show that is famous for it.

I don’t think it was any better than I’ve had, but it was still delicious.

It is noodles and seafood in a coconut curry soup. The restaurant is called 328 Katong Laksa and can be found at 49 East Coast Rd, on the corner of Ceylon Rd.

From bus stop 2 at Tanah Merah take bus #12 to the Roxy Square stop.

Laksa Amazing Foods of Singapre

Laksa. Noodles and seafood in a coconut curry type soup

9. Frog Porridge

Cost: Probably about $6SGD

I didn’t try this but it seems to be famous in Geylang.

Frog Porridge Amazing Singapore Foods

This restaurant is famous in Geylang for its frog porridge soup.

10. Kaya Butter

Cost: Probably just a couple of SGD

Kaya butter is a sweet coconut and egg mixed spread. Use it like jam. I ate it in a sandwich for breakfast every day, sometimes with peanut butter.

Lots of places well it on toast for a few SGD.

11. Mee Siam

Cost: $4.50SGD

Mee Siam is thin rice noodles in a sweet/mildly spicy tomato type broth with prawns and a hard boiled egg.

I think it would have been much better from a proper restaurant but was still not too bad from the cafe at the MacRitchie Reservoir (#20 of the things to do in Singapore).

Mee Siam Amazing Singapore Foods

Mee Siam

12. Bak Kut Teh

Cost: $6SGD (Includes You Tiao)

Bak Kut Teh is pork soup. Slow cooked I guess because it falls off the bone. You Tiao is friendship bread… it’s what they eat in IP Man: The legend is born.

It came with chili and sweet soy sauce.

Bak Kut Teh Amazing Singapore Foods

Slow cooked pork bone soup

13. Zhou/Congee

Cost: $4SGD including You Tiao

Zhou is rice porridge of different ‘flavors’. You can have it plain, with shredded chicken, with egg, etc.

Canton Porridge Amazing Singapore Foods Survive Travel

Shredded chicken Canton style porridge with You Tiao (friendship bread)

14. Pie Face

Cost: $3-$6SGD depending on size and flavor

Next to Long John Silvers near Bugis Station is a place called Pie Face. I have to include it because I’m Australian and this the closest thing to Australian meat pies I have seen in Asia.

For those of you who are familiar, they are like Jesters Jaffle Pies.

You can get mini or normal size in a variety of flavors, and you can even put mash potato and mushy peas on top for an extra $2SGD.

Update: Since writing this post I went to Singapore again and this pie shop is no more 🙁 .

Pie Face Amazing Singapore Foods Survive Travel (2)

Closest thing to an Aussie Meat Pie I’ve had outside Australia or the UK

15. Economy Rice

Cost: $2.50

Economy rice is a “pick your meat and veg” rice meal. It was only $2.30SGP for rice, 1 meat, and 1 veg.

This was Chinese, but Indian places also do it. Of course you are not limited to 1 meat, but the price goes slightly up for every extra serve.

I also had a TsingTao beer for $6SGP. I’m not sure why I had Tsing Tao. I should drank a Singaporean beer. Habits from China I guess.

Finding the best place to live in the world Economy Rice Survive Travel

Good food is a must have

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I couldn’t pick a favorite food of Singapore. It was good that everything was on offer. If I felt like Chinese food, easy. Indian, okay. And if I wanted some greasy burgers, fast food is common too.

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