6 Amazing Things to do in Boulder, Colorado, USA

6 Amazing Things to do in Boulder, Colorado, USA

After summer camp this year I went to visit my mate Javi and he showed me some amazing things to do in Boulder, Colorado, where he lives and works.

Javi is a big Cuban/American, and is without a doubt, my best male american friend.

This year was my first time at camp without him so I went over to Boulder, Colorado to catch up with him.

A fun fact about Javi is that he has never actually been to Cuba. His father migrated from Cuba and refuses to let any of them go back while it is still a communist country.

6 Amazing Things to Do in Boulder, Colorado

Ok, here it is. My list of 6 amazing things to do in Boulder, Colorado.

1. Smoke Pot

Sure, you can smoke marijuana almost anywhere in the ‘free’ world, but in Boulder, Colorado, it is legal. Well, medicinal marijuana is legal so there’s a lot of ‘Pot Shops’ around the city.

2. Explore Boulder on Foot

Boulder, Colorado is best described as a rich white guy town. When I first arrived Javi went to work and I did some foot exploration, he told me to count how many black people I saw. I counted two, and they both worked in the kitchen at the diner where I ate lunch. The other thing that stood out about Boulder, is that everyone was super friendly. Almost everyone would smile and say hello to you on the street.

3. Visit the Rocky Mountains

The main attraction of the amazing things to do in Boulder is the Rocky Mountains. Javi is not much of a hiker, and when I say not much I mean he just doesn’t do “that type of sh*t”, so we drove there.

4. Go See the House From the Movie “The Shining”

It was pretty cool, took a few snaps and even one outside of the house that the filmed ‘The Shining’ in (Jack Nicholson).

House from the shining. Amazing Things to do in Boulder, Colorado

House from the shining.

5. Go Drinking

As is the norm with Javi we went on the piss a few times. One time with his workmates, where by the end of the night I was checking out one of his mates gun collection.

6. Go to Denver

Technically this isn’t an amazing things to do in Boulder, but I’m counting it because we went from Boulder. So the other time we went out drinking we drove to Denver as Javi had a girlfriend there. We just went to the corner pub for a few. It pissed down with rain but was a cool casual night and the lass behind the bar was a stereo-typical American biker chick.

Guns. Amazing Things to do in Boulder, Colorado

I only spent three or four days with Javi in Colorado. We were supposed to road trip to Vegas to visit Jo and catch up with some crew from camp but he bailed so I jumped on a plane instead.

Final thoughts on Boulder Colorado

Boulder is cool for a visit and felt really safe. I do need to go back though and hike in the Rockies for a few days. Also to check out the rest of Colorado.

Have you been to Boulder before? Help out other readers and leave your tips on things to do in Boulder, Colorado (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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