16 Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Colombia

16 Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Colombia

This list of 16 amazing things to do in Bogota gives a short review of each of the things to do in Bogota, links to more detailed reviews (where applicable), and advise on accommodation in Bogota as well as information on getting to Bogota.

I flew into Bogota from Seoul and although I had no intention of settling there for my time in Colombia I decided to stick around the nations capital a few days to recover from jet-lag and have a look around.

16 Amazing Things to do in Bogota

1. Walk Around La Candelaria

On my first day in Bogota I took a walk around La Candelaria which is like the ‘Old Town” of Bogota. It is nice with lots of street art.

Actually, the next few things on this list of things to do in Bogota I did while walking around La Candelaria.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota

2. Museo Del Oro

The gold museum has three or four floors full of information in Spanish and English about the history of gold in Colombia. I don’t have any special interest in gold or museums but I still enjoyed this, and it was only 4,000COP to enter.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota - Survive Travel

3. Museo Botero

Museo Botero is a museum featuring the work of the famous Colombian artist Botero. There are also some rooms with works from other artists, and semi-attached is the money museum which showcases the history of money in Colombia.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota - Survive Travel

The courtyard in Museo Botero.

4. Plaza De Bolivar

At the end of my walk through La Candelaria I went to La Plaza de Bolivar. It is a good place to people watch and you can get free wifi there. There is also some nice archetecture around the general vicinity, including the Cathedral Primida.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota - Survive Travel

5. Catedral de Sal

Not too far from Bogota is the quaint town of Zipaquira and in this town there is a massive cathedral carved out of a salt mine. This is a good day trip.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota

Overlooking Zipaquira.

6. Botanical Garden of Bogota

Set amongst the hustle and bustle of Bogota this botanical garden (jardin botanical) is a really nice place to stop and smell the flowers, literally.

Botanical Garden of Bogota, Survive Travel, 4

7. National Museum of Bogota

A big museum in the middle of Bogota containing art, history, and more. Informational signs are mostly in Spanish, but is still worth a look even if you can’t read them. This museum was much better than I had anticipated.

Only 4,000 COP to get in. There is also free entry from 4pm to 6pm on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 7, National Museum of Bogota

8. Avenida Septimo on a Friday Night

Check out some street performances. Live bands, dancing, artists, stuff for sale, lots of street food, and just whatever.

It probably happens on a Saturday night too.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 8, Avenida Septima

9. Chapinero

Go for a walk around the neighborhood of Chapinero. A nice change from the ultra busy city centre.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel

A park in Chapinero.

10. Emerald Museum

A private museum showcasing emeralds. Not huge but you get a free guide in English or Spanish.

It took me a while to find it because there’s no sign and it’s inside an office building (Edificio Avianca). You have to go in, tell the guards you want the Museo de Esmeralda, and then someone will come to take you up to the right floor.

5,000 COP to enter. You’re not allowed to take photo’s of any of the emeralds, but you get this amazing view of the city which is almost worth the 5,000COP on it’s own.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 9, Emerald Museum

View of Bogota from the emerald museum.

11. Plaza San Victorino

This picture does not do the vibe of this place any justice. Check out the surrounding area and in the market type buildings.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 10, Plaza San Victorino

12. Plaza Paloquemao

A couple of km NW of La Candelaria is this fresh food market. Lots of fruit and vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 11, Plaza Paloquemao

I took this shot while walking to Plaza Paloquemao from my hotel. I wouldn’t suggest walking in this area at night.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 11, Plaza Paloquemao 2

13. Cerro de Monserrate

This is something I didn’t actually do but it is pretty famous in Bogota. Walk or take a cable car up the hill for what I imagine is an epic view but very crowed.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel

14. Usaquen Sunday Market

Every Sunday there is a market based around Usaquen Plaza with people selling artesan style things (jewelry, soaps, food, etc). Nice for a little walk about.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 14, Usaquen Sunday Market

15. Ciclovia

Another Sunday only event in Bogota. From 7am to 2pm they close many of the city’s main roads off to cars so people can ride, walk, rollerblade or run around the city.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 15, Ciclovia

16. Parque Simon de Bolivar

The biggest park in Bogota is, well, big. I went there on a Sunday and there was some kind of music festival on so it was full of people and street vendors. I think it’s much quieter during the week.

Amazing Things to do in Bogota, Survive Travel 16, Parque Simon de Bolivar

Getting to Bogota

From the airport I caught a taxi. 30,000COP. No meter, no bargaining. About 10usd and I read online it should cost no more than 15usd so I was happy with it.

There are buses you can take but unless you know Bogota and/or are really short on cash it is worth the $10 to take a cab.

Bogota being the capital of Colombia you can get a bus there from almost any city in the country, and probably from some neighboring countries also although I’m not sure how safe that would be.

Accommodation in Bogota

Whilst doing all these amazing things to do in Bogota I stayed at Hotel Los Cerros.

Cost: 40,000 COP / night

Address: Cl. 19 #15-18, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia, +57 1 3416068.

For the price Hotel Los Cerros was a pretty good place to say. Good sized room, cable TV (although there’s nothing in English), private bathroom, wifi and very clean.

The location is pretty good. Close to transport and Avenida Septima. Lots of cheap food around and easy walking distance to many points of interest including La Candeleria.

Hot water in the shower (thank god ‘cause Bogota is a bit cold in comparison with what I’m used to) but no shower head. This might be normal in Colombia though. The water just spurts out like a hose.

The wifi was good in the hallway but a bit temperamental in my room. I guess it just depends on what room you get.

Book your stay at Hotel Los Cerros or some other accommodation in Bogota.

Getting to Hotel Los Cerros

You can catch a taxi from wherever. Taxis are pretty cheap in Bogota. I suggest this if you have lots of baggage. The buses can get a bit crowded.

Hotel Los Cerros is also close to a few big public transport stops. Bogota is well documented on google maps so you can find your public transport route easily.

Here’s a video slideshow of all the pictures taken in Bogota.

Got anything to add to this list of amazing things to do in Bogota? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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