14 Awesome Sri Lanka Foods

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Discover 14 Awesome Sri Lanka foods. Sri Lanka is a country located just south of India. Being so close to India is definitely apparent in the food of Sri Lanka, but they also have their local delights.

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Awesome Sri Lanka Foods

1. Kottu

Cost: 350LKR (Approx $2.80USD) for Mutton Kottu at a tourist place.

The first item on my list of awesome Sri Lanka Foods is Mutton Kottu. The best I can figure this is like a mixture of bread (rotti), a few vegies, the meat of your choice (mutton, seafood, beef etc) and chili. The cost given is for the mutton variety, which was about mid range. I think a mixed variety was about 550LKR.

Update: I got a beef one from a small restaurant in a non-tourist area and it was 180LKR (Approx $1.50USD).

Arriving in Colombo - Kottu

Kottu comes in a variety of ‘flavors’. This one is mutton. It’s pretty tasty, a little spicy.

2. Strong Beer

Cost: 1000LKR (Approx $7.60) for a large can

I haven’t labeled it strong because of the potency. It is actually called, Strong beer. I didn’t think to check out the alcohol percentage, but probably is the same as a regular beer, about around 5% I imagine.

I got the above Kottu (Awesome Sri Lanka food 1) along the ‘beach’ in Colombo and had met a German guy in the hostel, so we decided to have a beer also. I guess it is somewhat illegal because we had to pay for the beer first then waited about 20 minutes for it to arrive (I figure they had to go buy it), then they made us sit in the dark, I’m assuming so we could not be seen drinking the beer. On top of all that, the beer was very expensive – 1000SLR for a large can (about 500ml).

I’m not sure how much beer should cost normally because I’m not a big drinker when traveling so I didn’t buy another, but I could guess it would be at least half the price.

Awesome Sri Lanka Foods -Strong Beer

Tasted OK but was ridiculously expensive

3. Small Eats

Cost: Varies, but generally under 40LKR per item (Approx $0.30USD)

As far as I gathered, small eats are the street foods and little pastries of Sri Lanka. Many of them are just different shaped versions of Samosas, i.e. with vegetable curry inside. Others may have fish. There are also many types of sweet things.

A savory donut. Approx 20LKR

A savory donut. Approx 20LKR

I don’t know what these are called, but I’m sure your seen them before.

I don’t know what these are called, but I’m sure your seen them before.

An egg sandwich and samosa makes a cheap lunch, about 100LKR

An egg sandwich and samosa makes a cheap lunch, about 100LKR

Surprise.. it’s filled with curry. It was a sphere but I squashed it. Approx 30LKR

Surprise.. it’s filled with curry. It was a sphere but I squashed it. Approx 30LKR

Some type of savoury cookie which I did not like very much. Approx 20LKR

Some type of savoury cookie which I did not like very much. Approx 20LKR

4. Kik Cola

Cost: 25LKR (Approx $0.20USD) for a small bottle

I got this from Family Bakery which is a chain store in Sri Lanka. It is accompanied by a Chicken Puff. Was good.

Getting to Anuradhapura Ancient City - Kik Cola

Kik cola is ridiculously cheap, and compares well to Coke (i guess… I’m not a Coke connoisseur)

5. Roti

Cost: 150LKR (Approx $1.20USD)

Actually, 150LKR is probably a bit steep because I bought it from a high tourist area.

You can get Roti rolls with a variety of fillings. This one was vegetable, but the same shop also had banana, egg and coconut.

Getting to Anuradhapura Ancient City - Rotti

Vegetable Roti made to order

6. Supermarket Snacks

Cost: Varies

Like any country, Sri Lanka has its own packaged snacks which can be bought from the supermarket. This small packet of twistie like crisps cost 30LKR and tasted pretty good. They were BBQ flavor, but had a more curry taste to them.

Awesome Sri Lanka Foods Supermarket Snacks

BBQ flavored Sri Lanka Crisps

7. Curry

Cost: 500LKR (Approx $4USD)

This one looks great but I was not impressed. The way food looks doesn’t go very far with me. It’s all about taste and value for money.

Now this did taste ok, but was very overpriced (in comparison to places I would usually eat). I had intended to go the same place I went the night before (where I’m pretty sure the chicken curry is under 250LKR), but I had walked ALOT this day so decided to puss out which is why I ate this at a restaurant close to my accommodation (Cottage Tourist Rest in Anuradhapura).

In any case, curry is a big part of Sri Lanka foods and they taste amazing which is why it is in this list of awesome Sri Lanka foods.

Awesome Foods of Sri Lanka - Short Eats - Unknown

No idea what this is called, but is sweet. 20LKR

Update: I got pretty much the same thing (actually it tasted much better) from a local restaurant in Dambulla for 250LKR (Approx $1.90LKR)

8. Hoppers

Cost: 20LKR (Approx $0.15USD)/Plain Hopper, comes in 5. 45LKR (Approx $0.40USD) for an Egg Hopper.

As far as I can tell, this is made from a pancake type mix. It is thin and crispy, and towards the bottom/center it gets more like a pancake.

I think they are usually eaten them for breakfast and afternoon tea. You can have it with chilli… pancakes and chilli.. ha! Only in Sri Lanka (maybe).

How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple - Sri Lanka Day 5, Survive Travel in Sri Lanka

These are plain Hoppers, by come in other varieties.

9. Elephant Soft Drink

Cost: 50LKR (Approx $0.45USD) for a 200ml bottle

I’m pretty sure Elephant Soft Drinks are only in Sri Lanka.. at least it is the only place I’ve seen it. Variety of flavors such as orange, creaming soda etc. Tastes good and really cheap in comparison to other international brand names.

Awesome Sri Lanka Foods - Elephant Drink

Elephant soft drinks. Same great taste for a fraction of the price.

10. Fried Rice

Cost: 250LKR (Approx $2USD) for egg, 350LKR (Approx $2.80USD) for chicken.

Yep, fried rice. Maybe they got it from the Chinese. What makes it special from other fried rice is that they give you some curry sauce with it. It’s good, and you get lots of it. I didn’t eat for the rest of the night.

Awesome Sri Lanka Foods - Fried Rice

Fried Rice with curry sauce

Update: I got Chicken Fried Rice from a local place in Kalutara for only 150LKR (Approx 1.40USD) and it was very good.

7 My ayurvedic massage experience- Sri Lank Day 14, Survive Travel, Chicken fried rice

Chicken fried rice in Kalutara

11 Deviled Chicken

Cost: About 350LKR (Approx $2.80USD)

This was pretty good. I assume all deviled things are just whatever it is (beef, pork, etc.) covered with this pretty tasty sauce.

Amazing Sri Lanka Foods - Deviled Chicken

Deviled Chicken.. pretty tasty

12 Roasted Chick Peas

Cost: 50LKR (Approx $0.45USD)

They make this on the side of the street, similar to the way they make roasted chestnuts. With a little chilli on it.. just because it is Sri Lanka. Tasted better than I thought it would.

Amazing Sri Lanka Foods - Roasted Chick Peas

Roasted Chick Peas with a dash of chili

13 KFC

Cost: 340LKR (Approx $2.60USD) for Chicken Biryani, onion sambal and a drink.

Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’m not a fan of fast food in general, but I like to see the menu differences between countries. In Sri Lanka KFC you can get Chicken Biryani and Onion Sambal.

10 Getting to jungle beach- Unawatuna-Sri Lanka Day 11, Survive travel

KFC Chicken Biryani with Onion Sambal

14 Chicken Biryani

Cost: 500LKR (Approx $4USD) for a double portion of chicken and paratha (flat bread).

The last thing on my list of awesome Sri Lanka foods is this ‘real’ Chicken Biryani, not KFC. The KFC version was actually quite good, but this was at least 10x better.

Amazing Sri Lanka Foods - Where to get awesome Chicken Biryani in Galle

This is about a thousand times better than the one from KFC last night

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