10 Awesome Things to Do in Beijing, China

10 Awesome Things to Do in Beijing, China

Discover 10 awesome things to do in Beijing. Beijing is the capital city of China. Needless to say, it is a MASSIVE city.

These 10 things to do in Beijing do not even scratch the surface of all the things to experience there.

Unfortunately, it is also very highly polluted so I would not recommend staying there for too long.

This post of things to do in Beijing also includes cheap accommodation, directions in and around Beijing, and lots of other useful information on how to survive travel in Beijing, China.

10 Awesome Things to Do in Beijing, China

I have to go to Beijing to get my US visa for summer camp and I’ll have to wait there until it is processed because I cant travel in China without my passport. Luckily, there’s lots of awesome things to do in Beijing so I’ll have not problem spending four days in Beijing, China.

Ok, here it is. My list of 10 awesome things to do in Beijing, China.

1. Kingdom of Heaven

The first thing on my list of awesome things to do in Beijing is the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom Of Heaven was pretty cool. I took a peddle-cab for 25rmb. I discovered when I got there that I could have taken a train for 2rmb (train anywhere in Beijing seems to be 2rmb). I got there late afternoon so all the buildings where closed. The entree fee was 15rmb entree, or 35rmb to go into the building as well. If I had time I probably would have looked in them.

Awesome things to do in Beijing, China. Kingdom of Heaven

Hey what are you doing? Oh, you know, just playing cards in the Kingdom Of Heaven

2. Wangfujing Night Markets

The second thing on my list of awesome things to do in Beijing is the Wangfujing Night Markets.

After the Kingdom of Heaven I attempted to see Beijing Opera. First place I went to they only have shows on Friday and Saturday. The girl at the reception pointed me to another one but it was 180rmb. Also I hadn’t eaten yet so I decided to abandon the idea and went to the Wangfujing night markets instead, which turned out to be pretty good. Lots of street food and gift shopping.

Wangfujing Night Markets Beijing. Awesome things to do in Beijing

Wangfujing in Beijing. Didn’t try this it but wish I had.

3. Summer Palace

Summer Palace was pretty cool. I rate it. It may be my favorite thing on this list of awesome things to do in Beijing. There are loads of tourists (including me) but big enough that it is not too overbearing. It cost 30RMB for an entry ticket. 60rmb for entrance to all the buildings but the place is big that it didn’t really matter. You could easily spend a whole day there. I’m a walker so I think I was there about 4 hours-ish.

How To Get To the Summer Palace, Beijing
Take line 4 to Beigongmen Station. Exit east (C, I think) and head east, which happens to be straight. Go right on Gongmen Qianjie and follow the road past the car park and around to the right.

Summer Palace, Awesome things to do in Beijing, China

Hey, what are you doing? Oh you know, just fishing in Summer Palace.

4. Tiamen Square

After Summer Palace I went back to the hostel, then walked North through Tiamen Square. It’s not as impressive as some of the other awesome things to do in Beijing but it has a lot of history. It’s amazing many the Chinese still love Mao although he killed loads of people. I guess that’s why they block information.

5. Forbidden City

I made it all the way to the entrance gate of the Forbidden City (featured picture) but then decided against going in. I was knackered and it was closing soon anyway.

6. Beijing Opera

I arranged with Anna (from the hostel) to get tickets for Beijing Opera. I could have done it myself, but I think going through her was cheaper, plus she gets commission.

Anna walked me to the Beijing Opera at about 1830. We walked through the Hutongs which was nice. The ticket ended up being the same price, and it was the foreigners version, i.e., not very authentic.

I was not a fan of the Beijing Opera, and I don’t think it was just because it wasn’t the authentic one. It just wasn’t my type of thing, but I’m glad I got to see what it was, and it is worth putting it on this list of awesome things to do in Beijing.

Beijing opera, Awesome things to do in Beijing, China

Beijing opera, China

7. The Great Wall of China Badaling

This is probably the most popular of the 10 awesome things to in China, but it was not my favorite, though it was pretty cool.

The section of the Great Wall of China I wanted to see was closed so instead I went to Badaling, which is the most visited spot, but the easiest to get to.

I had actually tried to get to the Great Wall of China the day before, but thanks to a scam I wasted lots of time and was unable to make it that day.

Great Wall Of China, Unrestored. Awesome things to do in Beijing, China

This is what the un-restored parts look like.

It was pretty good but there is only so far you can go. I guess if the didn’t barricade it then people would just keep walking… like me. I went to the Badaling part which is quite well restored.

8. Temples of Beijing

After visiting the Great Wall of China, I caught the subway to the Lama Temple station (line 5). Unfortunately the temple was closing as I got there (1630), so I walked to the Confucius Temple, but there was a 30 rmb charge. I refuse to pay to visit a place of worship, it just doesn’t seem right.

9. Hutongs of Beijing

So I kept walking and ended going through some cool Hutongs. Went south on Yonghegong St until Beixinqiao Station then went east on Dongzhimen Inner Street along the Guijie Culinary street. Went south at raffles city until Dongsishitiao Station and headed East on Dongsi Shitiao (my intention was to head south to see the olympic park but I guess I just f*kt up). I hit Zhangzizhonglu Station and went south to Dongsi Station. Then went west again and finally south to get food from the night market. Caught the train back from Wangfujing.

10. Go Shopping

The last thing on my list of awesome things to do in Beijing is to go shopping.

Actually, the only shopping place I thought was good (because I bought stuff) was the Yashow Wholesale Clothing store.

Haggling Tip:
Whatever they say, offer a quarter of the price. If they don’t accept, walk away.

Getting From YuanQu, Shanxi To Beijing

Caught the 0720 bus from YuanQu bus station to Taiyuan. It cost 96rmb. About 4 and a half hours later I was there.

From the Taiyuan bus station I caught a taxi to the train station, which cost 13 rmb. Alternatively I could have caught a bus (1, 5, 21) for a couple of rmb.

From the train station I bought a fast train ticket (G608) to Beijing to leave at 1345. The fast train ticket from Taiyuan to Beijing cost 190 RMB.

4 Days In Beijing. China.

Qianmen Street at night. Beijing.

Cheap Accommodation in Beijing

I got to Beijing by 1700. Walked out the North exit and caught bus 67 (301 would also work) to Qiamen. Walk up the road toward KFC, turn right down Qianxiheyanjie and look for the Tiamen Courtyard (#100).

Tiamen Courtyard Hostel only opened this month. It was 35rmb a night for dorm bed and a pretty good location. Very friendly manager who can speak English (and Italian). Her English name is Anna. Went for dinner and a beer with her and then took a night walk.

Final thoughts on Beijing

Beijing is a good city with lots to do. I thought 4 days in Beijing was enough, but you could easily spend 7 or 10 relaxed days there and not run out of stuff to do. Downside is that it is busy, polluted, and expensive.

Got anything to add to this list of awesome things to do in Beijing? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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