6 Awesome Things to Do in Kaiping, Guangdong, China

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Discover 6 awesome things to do in Kaiping. Kaiping is a city in the province of Guangdong in China. It is famous for the Kaiping towers, but as I discovered, there are lots more things to see in Kaiping also.

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6 Awesome Things To Do in Kaiping

1. Kaiping Fortress Towers

The first thing on this list of what to do in Kaiping is the reason I went to Kaiping in the first place. To see the Kaiping Fortress Towers. The Kaiping Fortress Towers go by a few names:

  • Kaiping Diaolou (开平碉樓)
  • Kaiping Watchtowers
  • Guangdong Fortress Towers

The Guangdong Fortress Towers in Kaiping are a UNESCO world heritage site. The Qing Dynasty build them for housing and protection against bandits. Today there are approximately 1800 of the 3000+ Kaiping Fortress towers still standing.

How to get to the Kaiping Fortress Towers

If you catch a bus in you will probably get dropped off at the Yi Ci bus station 义祠站 in Kaiping. From there catch the #13 bus towards Jin Ji 金鸡. How far you go is up to you. You can see lots of the towers along this line.

How to Get to the JinJiang Daliao Cluster
The JinJiangLi Daliao cluster is about 15-minutes past Chikan. You will go over a long bridge and then a smaller one. On your right you see the sign for JinJiangLi village, then a sign for the towers. Get off the bus and walk to them.

I didn’t go to the Daliao Cluster but I estimate the walk from where the bus drops you would be about 30-minutes. I read somewhere that they cost 80rmb to enter.

2. Jin Ji

If you go all the way to Jin Ji it will cost 8rmb and takes about an hour. There isn’t much going on there except a small market down the road from the bus station.

3. Chikan

Chikan 赤砍 is a historical town which is nice to walk around. There is a cool riverside market, some cheap places to eat, and a movie set.

How to Get to Chikan Kaiping

There are a few different buses leaving from the Yi Ci bus station to go to Chikan, including the #13 to Jin Ji. It takes about 30minutes from Yi Ci, and costs 3rmb to get there.

Things to do in Kaiping, China, Chikan, Survive Travel Guangdong

The streets of Chikan

4. Kaiping Night Market

Kaiping has a pretty good pedestrian street. In the late afternoon, it becomes a night market selling lots of snacks and merchandise.

How To Get to the Kaiping Night Market

From the YiCi bus station, catch the #1 or #7 bus to the city. Get off at Gou Wu Jie Bei 购物街北.

5. Blind Massage

To get a blind massage in Kaiping, go to the pedestrian street and walk all the way to the end. Then walk to the river and turn right. Walk a couple of blocks past the ABC (Agricultural Bank of China). Keep looking to your right down the streets. When you see the sign pictured below, go to it. It is blind massage and costs 50rmb per hour for a full body massage. It’s good.

Things to do in Kaiping, Blind Massage, Survive Travel Guangdong

Blind massage in Kaiping.

6. Eat Lots of Good Food

Kaiping has a lot of good and cheap ‘street’ food. The dumplings and noodles were especially good in a few places, in comparison to other parts of China.

Things to do in Kaiping, Eat Chinese food, Survive Travel Guangdong

How to Get to Kaiping

How to Get to Kaiping from Guangzhou

Most people getting to Kaiping 开平 will want to come from Guangzhou. I read on the internet that you can catch a bus from the Fengcun Coach station next to the Kenghou metro station. The journey takes about two hours and costs about 60rmb.

Getting to Kaiping from Shunde, Foshan

Getting to Kaiping from Shunde in Foshan is very easy. You can get a direct bus from the bus station in Da Liang. It costs 48rmb and takes about 2.5 hours.

Cheap Accommodation in Kaiping

If you need cheap accommodation in Kaiping Guangdong, we found a comfortable place in a good location. I can’t remember the name of it but here are directions.

From the YiCi bus station, catch the #1 or #7 bus to the city. It costs 2rmb. In about 5 or 6 stops, get off at Xing Fu Lu 幸福路.

Walk in the same direction as the bus was going towards the Bank of China. When you see the sign (pictured), turn left at the street before it. You will see the sign down this road. It is a hotel. 100rmb/night is the cheapest room. It had a Chinese toilet inside the shower, but the showers water pressure was awesome. Good location, good price, comfortable hotel, and not noisy.

Cheap accommodation in Kaiping, Things to do Iin Kaiping Guangdong, Survive Travel in Kaiping

This is the sign you will see.

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I didn’t go to Kaiping for very long (2 nights max) but I really enjoyed it. I distinctly remember thinking “this is one of the better cities in China”. Check it out if you get the chance.

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