11 Awesome Things to Do in Moalboal, Philippines

11 Awesome Things to Do in Moalboal, Philippines

Discover 11 awesome things to do in Moalboal. Moalboal is a small town found on the west coast of Cebu Island in the Philippines. It is famous for diving.

This post of 11 things to do in Moalboal also includes short reviews, directions, pictures and other useful information as well as some (perhaps not so useful) personal ranting.

I spent about two weeks in Moalboal and it was awesome.

The good thing about staying in one place for a little while, instead of just “passing through”, is that you get to make some good friends. I think I was pretty much a local by the time I left.

Of course it helps that Filipinos speak English and are super friendly.

11 Awesome Things to Do in Moalboal, Philippines

1. Snorkelling

If you are staying in Pangasama then there is amazing snorkelling right there in the ocean. There’s probably a few good spots but one I know of for sure is out the back of Lions Scuba Diving Center. Swim out a little bit (less then 50 meters) and there is a big drop with loads to see.

Another good snorkeling spot not far from Pangasama is White Beach (#11 on this list of awesome things to do in Moalboal.)

Awesome things to do in moalboal

2. Scuba Diving

I had no idea until I got there, but Moalboal is pretty much a dive town. A good chunk of westerners there are divers. Also, the diving is quite good there and you can get you dive certificate for a fraction of the cost of most countries.

Not only is it cheaper in the Philippines, but in Moalboal it is cheaper than in other places in the Philippines.

It would have been a waste not to do it while I was there so I did an open water dive course with Lion’s Dive Centre.

Awesome things to do in moalboal

3. Learn Filipino Martial Arts

The whole reason I came to Moalboal in the first place was to learn Filipino Marital Arts for a couple of weeks (Arniss and Escrima). As it turned out I didn’t look at the website properly so what was learned was not by any means authentic. Actually, it turned out to be much, much better, but I wrote a whole blog post on it so I won’t go into detail here.

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Regardless of my experience, there are people who do teach authentic Filipino styles here, but if you want to learn something street effective instead then do the one I did.

Awesome things to do in moalboal

4. Canyoneering

This is something I got offered to do numerous times but decided it was not worth it. The best offer I got was 1500php and the tour goes for about half a day. It includes transport but not food.

Update:I ended up doing when I went to Moalboal a second time. It was totally worth it!

5. Bar Hopping

If you are staying in Pangasama Beach (which I was) then there is quite a good variety of little bars to check out, most with restaurants attached that make quite good food although you will be paying much more than at the roadside eateries, but if you want western fare then I’m sure you wont mind forking out the 200-300 php (average price of a western meal).

Bar staff are always friendly as are the locals including males, females, and ladyboys.

Most have free wifi and a few have free pool (billiards) tables. Chilli’s even has a billiards tournament every Wednesday night.

On Saturday night there is a disco which I did check out but I’m not really a night-club type of person. It is a standard club experience.

Oh, and the most important thing about bar hopping… the beer is cheap at around 50php for a San Miguel (the local drop). Of course all liquors and mixes are available also.

Awesome things to do in moalboal

6. Motorcycle Through the Countryside

On my day off training I went for a long ride. My objective (besides just cruising around) was to hit up a few spots including the Kawasan waterfalls. I got a late start and ended up on a bit of an adventure taking the long way home and even going off road (wrong turn) at night whilst running out of fuel.

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Obviously I got back okay and I seen some awesome scenery on the way, especially through the mountains where whole communities living in bamboo huts on the side of the mountains!

I am not much of a rider but these bikes are easy. This my friends is a must do. You’ll see the real Philippines.

The standard price for a motorcyle is 300php/day but you can get them down to 250php will little effort. I went though about one tank of fuel which I think is about 2L. Fuel is cheap here, about 40php/Litre depending on where you buy it.

7. Lambug Beach

The first place I went to check out was Lambug beach, on the way to Kawasan Falls. It was okay. What I thought was better was Badian island which was a small detour off the main road but connected to the beach anyway.

There was nothing to do there, just awesome scenery. Actually, Badian Island is a resort so I didn’t even go onto it.

Awesome things to do in moalboal

8. Kawasan Waterfalls

My next stop was Kawasan Waterfalls. I went on a Sunday so it was pretty crowded.

Awesome things to do in moalboal

9. Free Diving

This is something I didn’t do (leaning SCUBA was enough for me) but met a few people who were and they all said that Moalboal was a great place to learn, probably for the same reasons as SCUBA – it’s cheap and lots to see just nearby.

10. Cangkalagnog Falls

Cangkalagnog Falls is south of Moalboal. I went there on the day that I went motorbiking in the countryside. I enjoyed it much more that Kawasan.

Cangkalanog Falls Review - Survive Travel

Awesome things to do in moalboal

11. White Beach

The last thing on this list of things to do in Moalboal is to go to White Beach. White beach is one of those things that everyone says you should do in Moalboal. Personally I think it is a bit over-rated, but i still say go there. The snorkelling there is good and you can chill on the beach and grab some lunch.

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Awesome things to do in moalboal

Getting To Moalboal

First get yourself to Cebu City, probably by plane. Once in Cebu City you need to get to the South Bus Terminal. According to my taxi driver there are two bus companies going to Moalboal. I just told him to drop me at the best one, with no specifics on what makes it best. I can’t even remember what the company was called but it was close to the main South Bus Terminal.

Just ask someone for the bus to Moalboal. Loads of people speak great English in the Philippines so getting around is really easy. My bus ride took about 3 hours and cost 107php.

There is a short pit stop about halfway so if you need to use the bathroom that’s the time to do it.

I did see other buses, nicer ones with air-con and wifi. I think they cost not that much more, but I just jumped on the first one that came along.

Nothing really noteworthy about the journey itself except to sit near a window because there is some great scenery. I messed up on this one which is why there is a lack of pictures.

Got anything to add to this list of awesome things to do in Moalboal? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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