Bagasbas Beach Review, Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines

Bagasbas Beach Review, Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines

This post is a Bagasbas Beach review. Bagasbas Beach is a beach about ten minutes tricycle ride from the town of Daet in Camarines Norte in the Philippines.

This Bagasbas Beach review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Cost(s): Free.

Address: Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte, Bicol, Philipiines.

Bagasbas Beach is mainly known for being a world class surf spot (the 61st according to the sign-age) and is especially good for beginners. It is surprisingly quiet during the working week, and then on weekends and during holiday season it gets a bit more lively. This was in fact perfect for me to chill for a week and I may even come back here to live for a few or more months.

Bagasbas Beach Review, Daet

On my second day in Daet I went to Bagasbas Beach basically to check it out. The first thing I did was take a walk up the beach. The picture below is of some random guy learning to surf, the only one the beach at the time (besides me). You can hire a surfboard for 200php/hour and lessons go for 200php an hour. If body-boarding is more your style (as it is mine) you can get one for 100php and hour. Maybe if I do end up going to stay there for a bit of a longer spell I’ll learn to surf.

Bagasbas Beach Review - Learn to Surf - Survive Travel

Learning to surf in Bagasbas Beach.

Near the end of the beach (east side) there is an air-strip. Not sure if it actually gets used for planes ever.

Bagasbas Beach Review - Airstrip - Survive Travel

The air-strip near the end of the beach.

Walking back toward the main part of the beach I came across the Lighthouse Resort. It’s a bit out of my price range but looks nice. It has a small pool and a few different accommodation options.

Bagasbas Beach Review - Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort - Survive Travel

The Lighthouse Resort. Probably the most up-scale accommodation in Bagasbas Beach – about 30usd a night depending on what you want.

Soon enough I got to all the bars and restaurants. Some of them look pretty run down and they are pretty low key during the week with the usually KTV that the Filipinos(as) love. On the weekends an holidays they get a bit livelier, as does the whole place.

Bagasbas Beach Review - Bars - Survive Travel

The bars are quiet during the week in Bagasbas Beach.

Amongst the bars and restaurants is the White Waves Hotel. It also looks a bit rundown but has a lot of potential and they are working on it. I made a deal with the owner for a weeks stay in one of the basic shacks out the back and she gave me a full tour of the place. Friendly lass, as is he rest of the staff. I ended up staying there for more than a week.

Bagasbas Beach Review - White Waves Hotel - Survive Travel

The White Waves Hotel.

There is also a nice park close-by. A good spot to do survival fitness training (great for parkour!)

Bagasbas Beach Review - Park - Survive Travel

Bagasbas Park – where I did my Survival Fitness training each morning.

Walking further towards the Barangay there is the basketball court.

Bagasbas Beach Review - Basketball - Survive Travel

Basketball court in the Barangay.

The Barangay itself it nice also. If i could rent a house in the Barangay for six months it’d be cool.

Bagasbas Beach Review - House - Survive Travel

One of the houses in the Barangay.

Love this Filipino School bus.

Bagasbas Beach Review - School Bus - Survive Travel

Barangay school bus.

Maybe have a go at motorised paragliding. A local told me it is 3000php an hour.

Bagasbas Beach Review - Para - Survive Travel

Motorized Para-Gliding. I heard rumours it was 3000php per hour, from Mikes Kites.

On the weekend there’s a makeshift casino. Kids are the main users, gambling with real money!

Bagasbas Beach Review - Casino - Survive Travel

Kids getting a gambling habit.

I ended up staying in Bagasbas Beach for a week. It turned out to be a great place to get work done and had everything I needed. Enough variety of food, good people, everything I need for Survival Fitness Training (the small park was awesome for basic parkour), and I even managed to find Thai Massage by the end of it, which was the one thing I thought it was missing.

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Getting to Bagasbas Beach in Daet

First you need to get to Daet.

From the center of Daet a tricycle will cost 40 to 50 php to Bagasbas. If there are more passengers it will only cost you 10php, i.e., the cost gets divided between the passengers. It takes about ten minutes to get to Bagasbas Beach from the center of Daet.

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