Bali Kuta Resort Review, Indonesia

Bali Kuta Resort Review, Indonesia

This post is a Bali Kuta Resort review. Bali Kuta Resort is (according to them) a 4 star hotel in the famous party town of Kuta in Bali, Indonesia.

This Bali Kuta Resort review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Price Range: I got a great deal at 200,000IDR a night for a poolside room (not that I used the pool). I think the normal rate is at least double that. FYI 200,000IDR (20aud), as a general rule of thumb I use, is the maximum I like to pay for a room, especially in South East Asia. Usually 10-15aud is my price range for accommodation in SE Asia.

Address: Jl. Majapahit No.18, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali. Phone:(0361) 762818

Bali Kuta Resort Review, Bali

I’m not sure what possessed me to book in the Bali Kuta Resort. A four star is not really my style, especially when traveling alone. I think it was just because it was such a good deal… I got it for more than 30% of the normal price.

Even though this room was nicer than the places I am used to, I spent less time in it than I normally would, due to the nature of my visit to Kuta, i.e., pretty much a piss-trip centred around a wedding.

Staff was friendly and security was good. Guards and electronic keys. They give you two complimentary drinks (non-alcoholic) which I did not claim. I didn’t try the restaurant but I am sure it was decent, if not a little pricey.

My room was a decent size. It had a proper work desk which would have been awesome if I wasn’t too drunk or hungover to do some work.

Bali Kuta Resort Review - Bedroom - Survive Travel

Pool-side room with cable TV, air-conditoiner, fridge, kettle, etc.

I had a great view of the pool, which was right outside my door. Although it meant in the morning I got woken up by kids having fun.

The pool bar was never open.

Inside there was a mini-fridge, kettle, standard toiletries and two free bottles of drinking water a day. Cable TV and a good air-conditioner (you’d be surprised how often air-conditioners don’t do their job properly, which is another reason I prefer fans).

My favorite thing was the shower. It’s been a while since I have had a hot water shower with good water pressure and a nice shower-head. It was bliss!

I think the only downside to this place was the location, although it was fine for me. It took 15 minutes to walk to the beach (where all my friends stayed). There are a few cheap eateries around close-by too.

Bali Kuta Resort Review - Bathroom - Survive Travel

One side of the bathroom.

Book your stay at the Bali Kuta Resort or other accommodation in Bali.

Getting to Bali Kuta Resort in Bali

Airport taxi. I ‘m pretty sure I got ripped off. I paid 150,000. It should have only be 70,000. I knew this, and am not sure why I paid. I guess I was just exited to get there to have a beer with my mates, some of whom I hadn’t seen in over 5 years (the reason I went to Bali in the first place was to attend my mates wedding). The ride only took about twenty minutes.

Anyway, as soon as I bought the ticket I kicked myself for not just using Uber, which probably would have only cost me 50,000.

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