Bert’s Bucket List

I’ve titled this post “Bert’s Bucket List” because the words “bucket list” sound more familiar to most people. In actual fact, it is my Life-To-Do-List.

To me, a bucket-list denotes that you want to do them. A to-do-list means you have actually planned to do them and are working towards getting them done.

Bert’s Bucket List

I used to have long, list of stuff to do on this list. Turns out I change my mind about what I want to do every few months.

Actually, ever since I first watched Kung Fu with David Carideen (I must have been about 5) I’ve had (not so grand) ambitions to be a tramp of the world. No “mission”. Just go where and when I please.

I do still have my non-travel related goals though, so here is my bucket list which I will achieve whilst being an earth tramp, as of January 2018.

Time Frame: Jusqu’à la mort.

  • Complete the Survival Fitness Plan
  • Learn languages
  • Do some humanitarian work

“Caminante. No hay camino. Se hacer camino al andar.”

Do you have a bucket list and/or life-to-do list? Let me know about it (or anything else you want to say) in the comments.