Climb Every Mountain: The 5 Best Mountains for Beginners

Climb Every Mountain: The 5 Best Mountains for Beginners

Everyone has a reason why they’re getting cabin rentals in Colorado. Some might be renting one just in time for the skiing season, while others might be there for the X games. You, on the other hand, might be there to embark on a whole new experience: mountain climbing. Of course, with hundreds of mountains to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few of the best mountains for beginners. Perhaps with this guide, you’ll decide where to start then maybe later try to conquer the others.

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The 5 Best Mountains for Beginners

1. Grays and Torreys

Grays and Torreys may be a bit crowded compared to the other mountains on the list, but depending on the person, this can be either a pro or a con for you. It can be a pro if you’re seeking companionship and camaraderie during your climb. It can be a con if what you seek is solitude and to be alone in your own thoughts.

Grays is 14,270 feet while Torreys is 14,267 feet tall. There’s a good, steady, wide main trail for you to follow, so it will be pretty hard to get lost on the way to the top of these mountains. The best part is that Grays and Torreys are connected by a path akin to a saddle, making it feel like you’re getting two climbs for the trip (or price) of one. From the top, you’ll spot a few mountains around like Mt. Bierstadt, Mt. Sniktau and Mt. Parnassus. Oh, and was the lovely view mentioned? Be warned though, if you’re getting there in a car you better leave home early because there is some competition for a parking spot.

The Best Mountains for Beginners, Grays Peak

Grays Peak Trail. By Xnatedawgx (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Huron Peak

Located in Buena vistas, Huron Peak stands at 14,012 feet and at that height, it ranks a mere 52nd among the 53 mountains rising above 14,000 feet. Officially named in 1956, nobody is actually sure where the name came from, but there is some speculation that it came from the Native American tribe, the Huron.

Climbing the mountain is a steady climb, although it is recommended to bring a walking or trekking poles because despite being considered one of the beginner mountains, Huron Peak is still pretty steep. At around 10,600 feet it is a basin on which you can stop at to look and admire the Three Apostles and Ice Mountain. It’s highly recommended to climb the mountain during the summer months of July and August. Since Huron Peak is located in the Rocky Mountains, better check the weather before leaving to climb as this area is well known for carrying a lightning risk.

The Best Mountains for Beginners, West Apostle from Huron Peak

View of West Apostle from Huron Peak. By jokermanj (Amazing View from TopUploaded by xnatedawgx) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Mount Bierstadt

Named after Albert Bierstadt, a German-born American landscape painter who is known to be the first climber to reach the mountain’s summit, Mount Bierstadt is often thought of as one of the most accessible mountains above 14,000 feet.

When climbing Mount Bierstadt, it is highly recommended to wear waterproof clothing as early on in the climb you will get wet when crossing the creek. Don’t worry, a swimsuit is not needed as the water will be only up to your knees. Once you get to the top of this 14,060-foot mammoth, you will get a view of Mount Evans as well as Grays and Torreys peak. It’s a mostly easy climb, with no need for a trekking stick, although there are some steep spots.

The Best Mountains for Beginners, Mount Bierstadt

By David Herrera from Albuquerque, NM, Bernalillo [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

4. Quandary Peak

If you have a dog you like to take with you when you climb, then you’ll be glad to know Quandary peak allows dogs, although they must be kept on a leash at all times. Since it can be a bit rocky, it would be best to make them wear shoes so as to prevent the sharp stones from hurting their precious paws. Expect a lot of people traffic since this 14,265-foot mountain is quite popular.

The trail up to Quandary peak is class 1, meaning you’re mainly walking on well-maintained, even terrain. This is probably why as mentioned, it’s a popular mountain to climb. In addition, it’s near a ski town, so you won’t have any problems in getting any supplies you may have forgotten in your cabin. Although it is class 1, it can be steep just like Huron peak, so better bring and use hiking poles. On the way up, you might spot a few mountain goats, but don’t stop to pet them as they’re known to be quite unfriendly. Once you get to the apex, you’ll get to see Pacific Peak, Crystal Peak, and Mt. Democrat to name a few. In the winter, you might want to come back to Quandry peak since its steep slopes are ideal for skiers.

Quandary Peak, The Best Mountains for Beginners

Mountain goats on Quandary Peak. Via Pixabay.

5. Mount Sherman

Of all the fourteeners in Colorado, only Mount Sherman has had an aircraft successfully land on its summit back in 1967. It’s 14,036 feet high and the best part is, you can drive up to 12,000 feet, a feat you won’t be able to do on most mountains. If this is your first time ascending a mountain, then Mount Sherman should be number one on your list.

Mount Sherman is so easy to climb, you’ll wish all your ascents were this pleasant and wonderful. Sherman Mine used to be on the mountain, which is why you’ll see a bit of history on your way up, mainly thanks to the rotting, old mining buildings. Don’t venture into the area near the mines since it is on private property.

No matter what mountain you’ll be climbing on, always wear a good pair of shoes, bring plenty of water, some snacks, and wear a lot of sun-block. Also, don’t forget to protect your eyes with a pair of UV repelling sunglasses and wear a cap to shield your face from the sun.

The Best Mountains for Beginners, Grays Peak, Mount Sherman

The summit of Mount Sherman. By Stargazer7121 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Have you got some other ideas for the best mountains for beginners? Let us know them in the comments.

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    I am definitely not a hiker at all, but I do genuinely appreciate the amazing views once reaching the top. SO I’m glad to see that there’s a guide for beginners. Maybe one day I’ll be able to move on to the more advanced hikes!

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