Brahma Vihara-Arama Review, Bali, Indonesia

Brahma Vihara-Arama Review, Bali, Indonesia

This post is a Brahma Vihara-Arama review. Brahma Vihara-Arama is a Buddhist Temple in Banjar, which is in the north of Bali, Indonesia.

This Brahma Vihara-Arama review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Cost(s): Free. Donations accepted.

Address: Banjar, Buleleng Sub-District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Phone: 0816-4733-609

Brahma Vihara-Arama Review, Bali

After the Sekumpul waterfall I decided to head to the Banjar Hot Springs. When i got to the general area I decided to do the Brahma Vihara-Arama (a.k.a. Banjar Buddhist Temple) first, and then the Hot Springs.

Brahma Vihara-Arama Review 1 - Mountain Ride - Survive Travel

The ride in.

Although Brahma Vihara-Arama is the biggest Buddhist Temple in Bali (I read that somewhere), for some reason it is not on the openmaps network, at least not on my GPS. Which made it a bit of a mission to find. Actaully, had I not been so narrow minded and assumming there would be a massive Buddha I would have found it easily, but because the temple ahs a very Balinese influence (in the way of the statues) I drove straight past it thinking it was a Hindu Temple.

I’m kind of glad I went past it the first time. The ride along that mountain was amazing.

I am also glad I did find it in the end because it was really nice and peaceful (as a Buddhist Temple should be). It is not a major tourist attraction so no touts. I am not religious but for some reason I like Buddhist temples more than other religious sites, except maybe Bahai Temples which are few but amazing.

Brahma Vihara-Arama Review 2 - Fountain - Survive Travel

The pond inside the Brahma Vihara-Arama Buddhist Temple.

Brahma Vihara-Arama Review 4 - View - Survive Travel

The view from the Brahma Vihara-Arama Buddhist Temple.

As with all temples in Bali, you need a sarong to enter, but they lend one to you for free (by them I mean the one man in the office).

Brahma Vihara-Arama Review 6 - Favorite Room - Survive Travel

My favorite room in the Brahma Vihara-Arama Buddhist Temple as it had some chant music playing in it.

I think the Brahma Vihara-Arama is a meditation learning center of some sort, although I saw no students about. In fact, I only saw one other tourist there also. Needless to say it was very peaceful and few days after my first visit I went back there to meditate a while (followed by another swim at the hot springs).

Brahma Vihara-Arama Review 7 - Meditation Schedule - Survive Travel

Daily meditation schedule. It’s a lot of meditation.

Getting to Brahma Vihara-Arama in Bali

I came straight from the Sekumpul Waterfalls on a scooter. I reckon the closest tourist town would be Lovina, which I had to pass by on the way anyway. I did briefly consider going through the mountains but decided it would take way too long.

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Head west along the road that follows the north coast of Bali. There is a sign along this main road which directs you to the Banjar Holy Hot Springs (Air Panas). That street leads you to Banjar. Once in Banjar there is a left hand turn that goes up a hill. It is just past the a high school (I think it was a high school). Follow this road up… for a while. Eventually there is a big temple which has a little row of tourist shops just before it on the outside and a car-park across the road from the shops. There is also a parking spot in the temple.

He tells you to park your bike in the temple grounds then charges you parking. You can park it across the road for free, which I was doing before he called me over. I’ve noticed this happens in quite a few places. You can always park on the side of the road for free, but they always tell you to park in the paid parking. The cost is usually only 2,000IDR and they “look after” your stuff. More importantly is your tourist money feeds someone. It is not like they are scamming tourists, locals park there also.

Do you agree with this Brahma Vihara-Arama, a.k.a. Bajar Buddhist Temple review? Feel free to leave your own Brahma Vihara-Arama review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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