Bruce Lee Paradise – Bruce Lee’s Ancestral Home

Bruce Lee Paradise – Bruce Lee’s Ancestral Home

Bruce Lee Paradise is in Shunde, Foshan and is often billed as Bruce Lee’s ancestral home. It is not.

In fact, It is probably one of the most disappointing paradises I’ve been to, and I’m a really big Bruce Lee fan.

However, it is something I did so here’s so (hopefully) useful information for anyone thinking about visiting Bruce Lee Paradise.

According to my research on the world wide web, Bruce Lee’s ancestral home is on Daliang road in Shunde. This is what we wanted to go to, however, I can not seem to find a Daliang road in Shunde (although there is a whole district called Daliang). Every other bit of information we found said that this was Bruce Lee’s Ancestral home. It is obviously not, but it is where we ended up. I am still wanting to find his actual ancestral home, so if I ever do I’ll update this post.

Getting to Bruce Lee Paradise

I went there from Shunde Polytechnic (where I am currently working), but if you can get yourself to the main Shunde Bus Terminal then just catch the 391 and it will take you to the same place. From Guangzhou you can catch a bus to Shunde. It takes about 2 hours I think and costs less than 100RMB.

To get to Bruce Lee Paradise from Shunde Polytechnic catch the 307 from the east gate to Jusco. The picture below is the name of the stop. This journey takes about 25 minutes depending on traffic.

Getting to Bruce Lee Paradise - Bus stop at Jusco

The name of the bus stop to get of at Jusco

Swap buses to the K391 and get off at the stop shown in the picture below. It is about a 50 minute bus ride and costs 6RMB. Shwo the driver a picture of the stop name so he knows what’s going on, or try out your Chinese and say Lee Xiao Leng Le Yuan Lu Kou – literally meaning the Bruce Lee Paradise Street Entrance. Lee Xiao Leng is Bruce Lee’s Chinese Name. Xiao Leng means little dragon. In Chinese the surname goes first.

Bus stop at Bruce Lee Paradise - Shunde

Bus stop to get off at Bruce Lee Paradise – Shunde

Follow the sign down the road to Bruce Lee Paradise. It’s a big sign, you won’t miss it.

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Inside Bruce Lee Paradise

As I eluded to before, this place is far from paradise, and in fact has not much to do with Bruce Lee. I didn’t take many photos, but I wish I had to truly encapsulate the essence.

It costs 50RMB to get into Bruce Lee Paradise, which includes a 30 minute wooden raft ride.

The World’s Largest Stature of Bruce Lee

Probably the best thing in this place is the world’s biggest statue of Bruce Lee. It is not breathtakingly massive, but it is pretty big… much bigger than me and you. According to the this internet source, the world’s biggest statue of Bruce Lee is just shy of 20 meters tall (18.8 to be a little more exact).

Update: According to (linked above) the Bruce Lee Ancestor’s House less than a 1 km from the park – I will not be going back to find it.

World's Biggest Bruce Lee Statue Bruce Lee Paradise Bruce Lee Ancestral Home Shunde Foshan 3.jpg

Worlds biggest statue of Bruce Lee. 18.8 meters tall.

I took two photos. Two badly lit photos is better than one, right?

Worlds biggest Bruce Lee - Bruce Lee Paradise

Everything Else to Do in Bruce Lee Paradise

There’s this man made waterfall which you can go up to, walk to the top and walk amongst. I just looked at it from afar.

Bruce Lee Paradise Waterfall

A man made waterfall at Bruce Lee Paradise

There is a small cinema type room that shows a loop reel of the best fight scenes from Bruce Lee’s movies. Actually, I really enjoyed this, since the fight scenes are the best things about Bruce Lee’s movies.

There is also a museum which is interesting if you want to learn about Bruce Lee.

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The vast majority of Bruce Lee Paradise in Shunde, Foshan, is a lake which you can walk around in about an hour or rent a bike (we didn’t so I don’t know how much it costs). There are some things scattered around the lake to break up the walk such as this wooden raft ride. It comes included in the price of your ticket and is supposed to last 30 minutes. You are asked to do some of the paddling – actually it is more of a gondola where you have a pole to push off the bottom of the lake.

Wooden raft ride Bruce Lee Paradise

Wooden raft ride – they\ll ask you to do some of the ‘paddling’

That’s all the pictures I took but there is also a Herron viewing spot, a small animals ‘park’ (2 pigs, 2 small cows and a rabbit all living in horrendous conditions), a small theme park with rides including go-carts, bumper cars, roller coaster and some other things. For those of you that like theme park rides, don’t get excited, they are mini-fied and did not look very good. Finally, there are a couple of hills you can climb and some other scenic type spots with very descriptive names.

I’m not sure how I feel about Bruce lee Paradise. It was something to do, and did have some Bruce Lee stuff. It was nice to walk around, but I don’t think it was worth the 2 hour bus ride and 50RMB. We did however, get some good noodles from across the road of the entrance.

Have you ever been to Bruce Lee Paradise? Let us know all about it (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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