Candi Cetho Review, Solo, Java, Indonesia

Candi Cetho Review, Solo, Java, Indonesia

This post is a Candi Cetho review. Candi Setho is a Hindu Temple found about an hours drive out of the city of Solo (Surakarta) in Java, Indonesia. This Candi Catho review also contains costs, directions, pictures and other useful information.

I really didn’t plan anything I did in Solo. I had made friends with a local girl online so I just let her (Ria) show me around places. It was great because she picked me up everyday so I didn’t even need to hire a motorcycle or anything.

Cost(s): 35,000IDR for foreigners plus donation (5,000-10,000IDR). 2000IDR to park the motorbike.

Address: Dusun Ceto, Gumeng, Jenawi, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah 57794, Indonesia.

Candi Cetho Review, Solo

Ria picked me up from the Laksana Inn at 0930 and we rode straight to Candi Cetho. Candi Cetho is on the top of a mountain so the scenery was amazing on the way up.

Candi Cetho Review -5-view-survive-travel

Rice and vegetable fields.

I guess she must bring tourists there semi-often because she seemed to know some of the staff. It was good because she explained some of the things to me, such as this being symbols of fertility.

Candi Cetho Review -2-fertility-survive-travel

Can you see the symbols of fertility? I thought the whom was a turtle at first.

There’s a few stairs to climb but once you’re at the top you get a good view looking back down, although this is a bad photo.

Candi Cetho Review -3-looking-down-survive-travel

Looking down from the top of Candi Certho.

At the top Ria pointed out to me that one of the statues of worship was a penis. Some guy was praying to it but when he finished I checked it out for myself.

Candi Cetho Review -4-penis-statue-survive-travel

Cock worship.

Afterwards we went to eat at a tea house down the road. The food was just okay but the tea was amazing (as it should be at a tea house!). The atmosphere was very nice.

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How to Get to Candi Cetho in Solo

You need to acquire personal transport. No buses go there.

Candi Cetho is the 7th item under the heading Solo (Surakarta) on this Central Java itinerary map.

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