Carbon Market Review, Cebu City, Philippines

Carbon Market Review, Cebu City, Philippines

This post is a Carbon Market review. Carbon Market is a mainly a fresh produce market but also has eating stalls, random goods and residences. It is found in downtown Cebu City.

This Carbon Market review includes directions, pictures, costs and my personal opinions which may or may not contain useful information.

Cost: Free to wander around.

Address: Briones St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu.

Carbon Market Review, Cebu City

I had Carbon Market on my “things to do” list but actually I stumbled upon it by accident whilst trying to get to a mall (air-conditioning and food) after visiting Fort San Pedro.

Four things that stood out to me about the Carbon Market are:

  1. It’s not the cleanest place, and further in it smells quite bad.
  2. Definitely a less-wealthy area. I was surprised that people actually live there… its a community. I guess this is the “gritty” side of Cebu-City, especially as you get closer to the river.
  3. I saw a lot of fish for sale (cooked), but I wouldn’t venture to eat it. I can only assume they caught it straight out of the river, and I hate to think what the locals dump in that river.
  4. It was an interesting scene walking through, but I would not venture in there at night. I mean the part closer to the river. I think the front of it would be fine.

Things to do in Carbon Market

There is really only one thing to do… and that is walk around. I guess you can buy stuff, eat (I wouldn’t) or play the arcade games.

Entering the Market
The first scene I came across when I realized I was in Carbon Market was all this fresh produce for sale.

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As you can see by the picture the sun was out in force.

Carbon Market Review - Market - Survive Travel

Carbon Market fresh produce

Back of the Market
Venturing further in there is a much more local feel. Cheap eateries (that I would avoid), kids playing, people playing online games, karoke, etc.

Eventually you get to the river.

Carbon Market Review - Back of Market - Survive Travel

The back of Carbon Market.

On the Way Out
Surprisingly I saw no other tourists, except this guy on my way out.

Carbon Market Review - Tourist - Survive Travel

The only other tourist I saw.

Carbon Market was an interesting place to stroll through. I probably would not venture there on purpose at night time, but certainly during the day it is a entertaining (not really the right word to use, but can’t think of another) experience. It’s worth a look.

Getting to Carbon Market in Cebu City

Carbon Market is within walking distance from the city center. I never walked directly from the city to the market, but I estimate that it would take about twenty minutes.

I saw lots of Jeepneys heading toward Carbpn going through the city.

Taxi is always an option.

It’s a five to ten minute walk east of Fort San Pedro.

Carbon Market Review - Getting There - Survive Travel

Came across this on the way to Carbon Market from Fort San Pedro. Taken from the edge of the Cebu Coastal Road.

Do you agree with this Carbon Market review? Feel free to leave your own Carbon Market review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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