Casaroro Falls Review, Dumaguete, Philippines

Casaroro Falls Review, Dumaguete, Philippines

This Casaroro Falls review contains costs, directions for getting to Casaroro Falls, pictures, and other useful information.

After living in Dumaguete for 4+ months we finally rented a motorbike and went to see the surrounding area.

I woke up Anna relatively early (9:15am, she usually sleeps till at least 11am) and by 10:30am we were at the motorbike rental place. Details on hiring a motorbike are at the end of this post.

Cost(s): 15php / person. Maybe more for foreigners but sometimes I pass as a local.

Address: Taft St, Valencia, Negros Oriental.

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Casaroro Falls Review

Casaroro Falls is pretty close to Dumaguete. It took under 30 minutes to ride there.

We parked the bike and some workers put a piece of cardboard on our seat to keep the sun off. Good idea.

We paid the small fee to the young girl (she couldn’t have been more than 12 years old) and then walked down the many stairs. Anna was not happy (she hates walking), so I reminded her that whatever we walked down we would also have to walk back up. That cheered her up.

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This incline was the pretty much the same all the way down.

Unfortunately I accidentally deleted my photos of Casaroro and Red Rock falls from my phone, but luckily Anna had taken a couple also.

The start of Casaroro falls was a bunch of small cascading falls as opposed to the classic big waterfall.

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Casaroro falls was a bunch of small cascading falls as opposed to the classic big waterfall.

You could walk along the river negotiating the broken bridge. It was nice and quiet. While we were there only one other couple turned up.

I think if I had kept following the river I would have seen a big waterfall. I probably should have researched it a little more.

Casaroro Falls Review (2) - Survive Travel

After the long walk back up we went to Valencia and grabbed a quick bite of bola bola (meatballs), bulalo (beef soup), and rice. Then we headed to Red Rock Falls, a.k.a. Pulangbato Falls.

Getting to Casaroro Falls in Dumaguete

Casaroro falls is better described as being in the small town of Valencia as opposed to Dumaguete. You can take a jeepney from Dumaguete to Valencia and then hire a tricycle to take you to Casaroro falls. You would have to get the driver to wait for you to get back.

Personally I advise just hiring a motorbike. Probably wouldn’t be that much more expensive and is much more convenient, especially if you want to see other things in the area.

Where to Hire a Motorbike in Dumaguete

There are at least three motorbike rental places on the corner of Perdices and Santa Rosa.

If taking a tricycle just tell the driver to take you to DCCCO. The closest moto rental is the most expensive (400/24hrs). Look across the other side or Perdices. The one on the left is 350php/24hours and will give you two helmets.

The one on the right will rent you a motorbike for as cheap as 250php/5 hours, or 300 for 12 hours, for a semi-autmatic. A full automatic is more expensive, and only one helmet is included. An extra one is another 50php. We did the 5 hours but went way over and had to pay an extra 90php. It ended up costing 400php in the end, with the extra helmet. The bike was in great condition. My advise would be to just do the 12hours up front, or go to the one on the left.

Whoever you go to, take your drivers license (from whatever country you are from) and another form of ID. They keep your id but not your license.

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Do you agree with this Casaroro Falls review? Feel free to leave your own Casaroro Falls review (and anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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