10 Amazing Chinese Foods

Discover 10 amazing Chinese foods. Chances are, if you haven’t been to China then your perception of Chinese food is a little bit askew. The stuff you get from your local Chinese shop hardly comes close! Even if the cooks are from China, in most cases they westernize the dishes. Save BIG on Your Next […]

20 Amazing Things to Do in China

China is a huge country with a long history. You could spend years constantly traveling there without running out of things to see and do. From bustling mega-cities to mountain villages, there is something for everyone in China. Here is a list of 20 amazing things to do in China which I gathered while living […]

Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School Review

This post is a Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School review. The Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu School is a live-in kung fu training center. It focuses on a few different disciplines including Sanda, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun and Shaolin. This review gives my opinions on the living conditions and training. It also includes […]

Getting to the Benxi Water Caves in Liaoning, China

The Benxi Water caves is a partly submerged “river” full of cave structures. Cave structures being things like stalactites and stalagmites. I read on the internet that it is the longest karst cave system in the world. The discovery of the one in Palawan might beat it though. It is possible that they are different […]