10 Awesome Things to do in Colombia

10 Awesome Things to do in Colombia

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Discover 10 awesome things to do in Colombia. I spent 5 and a bit months in Colombia in 2017. Most of my time was in Medellin and Santa Marta, but I did see a good chunk of the country as well. Here are my 10 picks for things to do in Colombia. This is the […]


28 Delicious Colombian Foods

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Discover 28 delicious Colombian foods. Colombia might not be on the list of places you think of when it comes to great food, but it should be. I meet a lot of people who think that South American food is bland. While they don’t use as many spices as in Asia, they still cook up […]


14 Fun Things to Do in Santa Marta, Colombia

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I compiled this list of fun things to do in Santa Marta after living there for 6 weeks. It gives a short review of each item and (where applicable) links to detailed reviews. It also has information on accommodation and how to get a visa extension in Santa Marta. A Complete First Aid Guide for […]


6 Breathtaking Santa Marta Hikes, Colombia

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Discover 6 breathtaking Santa Marta hikes. The 2 most famous places for hiking in Santa Marta are Tyrona National Park and the Lost City. While these 2 places are great for hiking, there are much more. In fact, one of the reasons I stayed in Santa Marta for so long was because of all the […]


7 Beaches for Snorkeling in Santa Marta, Colombia

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Discover 7 beaches for snorkeling in Santa Marta, Colombia. These are places in Santa Marta where you can snorkel without having to take a boat ride. All you have to do is get to the beach via a short bus ride or hike. This is great for me because I love snorkeling, but am not […]


Hiking to Playa Blanca Santa Marta, Colombia

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Hiking to Playa Blanca in Santa Marta was the most “off the beaten path” thing I did while in Santa Marta. My intention that day was to go to Bahia Concha. When I arrived in town I realized that I didn’t bring enough money, so I hiked to Santa Marta’s Playa Blanca instead. The normal […]


8 Cool Things to Do in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

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When I first arrived in Colombia I chose Armenia as a place to stay for a while. To rent an apartment, learn Spanish, and work a little. It didn’t work out as I planned and I ended up moving onto Medellin after a couple of weeks, but I did do some cool stuff while I […]