10 Scrumptious Croatian Foods

Discover 10 scrumptious Croation foods. The food of Croatia has different styles and specialties from region to region. You can find the more famous Croatian dishes all over the country, with the region putting its own little spin on it. Save BIG on Your Next Adventure 10 Scrumptious Croatian Foods To be honest, I don’t […]

10 Amazing Things to do in Croatia

Discover 10 amazing things to do in Croatia. Besides the UK, traveling in Croatia is my only European travel experience. I loved it. I plan to see more of Europe over the next couple of years, but for now, here are my 10 picks for things to do in Croatia. Learn the Money Saving Secrets […]

5 Cool Things to Do in Makarska Croatia

Discover 5 cool things to do in Makarska Croatia. Makarska is a Croatian beach town located south of Split. Makarska was not a destination in our original plan. We had decided to stop there to break up the bus ride from Split to Dubrovnik. I’m glad we did, it was definitely worth the look. Learn […]

6 Interesting Things to Do in Split, Croatia

Discover 6 interesting things to do in Split. Split is somewhat of a tourist town found in the Central Dalmatia region of Croatia. Despite being thought of as a tourist town, Split is actually quite a large city in comparison with other places such as Pula. Save BIG on Your Next Adventure 6 Interesting Things […]

6 Amazing Things to Do in Osijek, Croatia

Discover 6 amazing things to do in Osijek. Osijek is a city in eastern Croatia. It is the largest city in the region of Slovenia. Although devasted by the war in the 90’s, it is now restored, for the most part, to a beautiful city once again. Save BIG on Your Next Adventure 6 Amazing […]