10 Must-Try Australian Foods

Discover 10 must-try Australian foods. Being a country build on immigrants, the Australian food scene is very varied. Almost everyone’s great-grandparents are from another country. And it’s their heritage which what influences what they eat at home. Never-the-less, there are some foods that are unique to Australia. Here are 10 of them. GET YOUR FREE […]

Hamilton Island Walks, Australia

Discover some awesome Hamilton Island walks. Hamilton Island is a holiday destination off the coast of Queensland. It is part of the Whitsunday Islands. I found myself on Hamilton Island to attend a wedding. While there I spent most of my time catching up with friends, but I did manage to squeeze out a day […]

13 Awesome Things to do in Sydney, Australia

My reason for going to Sydney was to acquire a Colombian passport. It didn’t happen (yet) but I did manage to come across 13 awesome things to do in Sydney. I originally planned to just go home (Perth, Australia) to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and then head to South America. Shortly after making […]