10 Amazing Chinese Foods

Discover 10 amazing Chinese foods. Chances are, if you haven’t been to China then your perception of Chinese food is a little bit askew. The stuff you get from your local Chinese shop hardly comes close! Even if the cooks are from China, in most cases they westernize the dishes. GET YOUR FREE CHINA CHEAT […]

Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge Review, Dandong, Liaoning, China

This is a Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge review. The Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge is a bridge that crosses the border from China to North Korea and is found in the city of Dandong, China. GET YOUR FREE CHINA CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE This Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge review also includes directions, pictures and other useful information as well […]

15 Inner Mongolian Foods, China

Discover 15 Inner Mongolian foods. Inner Mongolia is a province of China. It is quite a large province taking up most of the northern border of China. Not surprisingly, it borders with Mongolia, but it also borders with Russia. GET YOUR FREE CHINA CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE China has a wide variety of foods from […]