Getting From Antigua to San Salvador, Guatemala to El Salvador

Compared to our others, the bus ride getting from Antigua in Guatemala to San Salvador was luxury. San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador. Compared to the rest of Central America (so far), San Salvador seems much more “refined”. Almost European. The streets are cleaner and the people put more effort into their appearance. […]

4 Amazing Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

Discover 4 amazing things to do in Antigua. Antigua is a city in the highlands of Guatemala. It is known for its architecture (Spanish colonial buildings) and beautiful surroundings, i.e., its surrounded by volcanoes. This things to do in Antigua post also includes cheap accommodation, directions in and around Antigua, and lots of other useful […]

Crossing the Border From Belize to Guatemala, Santa Elena

Crossing the border from Belize to Guatemala, i.e., San Ignacio (Belize) to Santa Elena (Guatemala), was an interesting experience. This morning I discovered someone had stolen my shorts and tank-top from the washing line at the hostel. Not much I could do about it.. after all… *it’s Belize. We took a taxi to the border. […]

25 Day South America Itinerary. San Jose (Costa Rica) to Lima (Peru).

Although the title of this post says 25 Day South America Itinerary, it technically starts in Central America, visiting Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. GET YOUR FREE COLOMBIA CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE Highlights include the Panama Canal, Quito in Ecuador, visiting the equator, scary border crossings through Colombia, Sandboarding in Huacachina, Machu Pichu […]