Cheap Accommodation in Jinotega, Nicaragua

We needed to find some cheap accommodation in Jinotega because we had accidentally went there from Managua. We were not *paying attention and neglected to get off the bus in Matagalpa. *I always get lost, however, I am always alright in the end and to be fair, I reckon 70% of the best adventures and […]

How to Extend Your Nicaragua Visa in Managua

This post is a ‘guide’ on how to extend your Nicaragua visa in Managua. I think if you are in Nicaragua and need to get your visa extended, Managua may be the only place you can can do it. Yesterday Ramona and I set off to Managua to extend our visas for Nicaragua. We caught […]

Cliff-Jumping in Somoto, Via Esteli, Nicaragua

This post is a retelling of our experience cliff-jumping in Somoto. It also includes useful logistical information on how to go about cliff jumping in Somoto. Somoto is a city in the north of Nicaragua. Matteo leaves on Monday night so we decided we had better do something cool so he gets to do it […]

Cheap Accommodation in Esteli, Nicaragua

This post is about finding cheap accommodation in Esteli. This cheap accommodation in Esteli post also includes information on how to get from Matagalpa to Esteli and some other useful information. Esteli is a city in the north of Nicaragua. It was actually one of the places we considered to live and train in whilst […]

Hiking in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

We spent a fair bit of time hiking in Matagalpa when we first got there. In the first week we did two pretty epic hikes. The first time we went hiking in Matagalpa was just for a bit of a reconnaissance. Jake and I went for a walk a bit further up the river near […]

Cheap Accommodation in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Whether you want long or short term cheap accommodation in Matagalpa, hopefully this post will give you a few ideas based on our experience. Our major goal for this Central American trip was to find somewhere in Nicaragua to settle for a few months and train. From research we had chosen either Matagalpa or Jinotega. […]

Cheap Accommodation in Managua, Nicaragua

This post is about finding cheap accommodation in Managua. Managua is the capital of Nicaragua. It is a big, bustling, city. The exact thing I do my best to stay away from. Needless to say, we did not spend any time exploring Managua, although there are lots of things to do there. After all, it […]