25 Day South America Itinerary. San Jose (Costa Rica) to Lima (Peru).

Although the title of this post says 25 Day South America Itinerary, it technically starts in Central America, visiting Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. GET YOUR FREE COLOMBIA CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE Highlights include the Panama Canal, Quito in Ecuador, visiting the equator, scary border crossings through Colombia, Sandboarding in Huacachina, Machu Pichu […]

Cheap Accommodation in Chitre, Panama

Discover where to get cheap accommodation in Chitre, Panama, as well as how to get to Chitre from David and where to find good food in Chitre. Chitre, Pananama is a nice little town. There isn’t that much to do so we basically just relaxed, but we did manage to find (eventually) some cheap accommodation […]

Cheap Accommodation in David, Panama

Discover how to cross the Costa Rica to Panama Border on foot, and where to find cheap accommodation in David, Panama Panama was the country we stayed in for the longest because we had already booked onward flights to Colombia. In hindsight I wish we spent less time in Panama and more time in Colombia […]