3 Week Vietnam Itinerary, Asia

This is a quick summary of my 3 week Vietnam Itinerary. Vietnam is a country found in the South East of Asia. It shares borders with Cambodia, Laos, and China. The links will direct you to related, more in depth posts, of each particular location. Vietnam is an amazing place to travel. Although there are […]

21 Awesome Foods of Vietnam, Asia

Discover 21 awesome foods of Vietnam. I spent about 3 weeks in Vietnam, Asia, and one of the highlights was the abundance of awesome food. Almost every city has some special famous dish, and Vietnamese food in general is just delicious. With the French influence you get cheap baguettes and nice breads, but then you […]

12 Top Things to Do in Dalat, Vietnam

Discover 12 top things to do in Dalat. Dalat is a city located in the central highlands of Vietnam. It is noticeably cooler than most other parts of Vietnam and is known for its fresh produce and scenery. This top things to do in Dalat post also includes information on cheap accommodation in Dalat, directions […]

14 Best Things to Do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Discover 14 best things to do in Hanoi This post is also an itinerary for two days in Hanoi and includes information on finding cheap accommodation in Hanoi, directions in and around Hanoi, and lots of other useful information on how to survive travel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is […]

Getting From Nanning To Vietnam

This post explains getting from Nanning to Vietnam. Nanning is a city in China. It borders Vietnam as is the most convienient place for a land border crossing between the two countries. Also, getting a Vietnamese visa from Nanning is very straight forward. Besides catching a plane, there are a number of ways of getting […]

Getting a Vietnam Visa From Nanning, China

Getting a Vietnam Visa From Nanning (China) was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Find out how to get a Vietnamese visa from Nanning, also cheap accommodation in Nanning, where to get passport photos in Nanning, things to do in Nanning, and more. The first in getting a Vietnam Visa […]