10 Awesome Things to do in Indonesia

Discover 10 awesome things to do in Indonesia. Indonesia is a great number of islands in South East Asia. Many people are familiar with Bali, but the rest of Indonesia has lots to offer also. Here are my 10 picks for things to do in Indonesia. Save BIG on Your Next Adventure 10 Awesome Things […]

17 Delicious Javanese Foods, Indonesia

Discover 17 delicious Javanese foods. Although similar, every region in Indonesia has their little twist on foods. Actually, this is true almost everywhere in the world. Some of these items on this list are not strictly Javanese foods, but they are all things I ate while in Central Java. Save BIG on Your Next Adventure […]

8 Cool Things to do in Solo Indonesia

Discover 8 cool things to do in Solo in Indonesia. Solo (a.k.a. Surakarta) is a city in Central Java. It is about a 90-minute train ride north of Yogyakarta. While I was in Yogyakarta I met a girl online from Solo who offered to show me around her hometown. Being shown around a new place […]