10 Mouth-Watering Japanese Foods

Discover 10 mouth-watering Japanese foods. There are Japanese restaurants all over the world so many of the items on this list will not be a surprise. Traditional Japanese food is rice or noodles accompanied by seasonal ingredients. GET YOUR FREE JAPAN CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE Pin and Share it! 10 Mouth-Watering Japanese Foods 1. Tonkatsu […]

10 Tasty English Foods

Discover 10 tasty English foods. Most people don’t think of England as being a great place for food. I would not put them under the exotic flavors banner, but they do have some great comfort foods. They are the types of foods that even fussy children enjoy. GET YOUR FREE ENGLAND CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE […]

10 Amazing Chinese Foods

Discover 10 amazing Chinese foods. Chances are, if you haven’t been to China then your perception of Chinese food is a little bit askew. The stuff you get from your local Chinese shop hardly comes close! Even if the cooks are from China, in most cases they westernize the dishes. GET YOUR FREE CHINA CHEAT […]

10 Delicious Foods of the USA

Discover 10 delicious foods of the USA. The first time I went to the US it was the food that amazed me the most. In comparison to Australia, its cheap to eat out, and the portions are huge. Typical American cuisine isn’t the healthiest, but it sure is delicious. GET YOUR FREE USA CHEAT SHEET […]

10 Must-Try Australian Foods

Discover 10 must-try Australian foods. Being a country build on immigrants, the Australian food scene is very varied. Almost everyone’s great-grandparents are from another country. And it’s their heritage which what influences what they eat at home. Never-the-less, there are some foods that are unique to Australia. Here are 10 of them. GET YOUR FREE […]

28 Delicious Colombian Foods

In this post, you will discover 28 delicious Colombian foods. This might be the longest food list I’ve done. Colombia might not be on the list of places you think of when it comes to great food, but it should be. GET YOUR FREE COLOMBIA CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE I meet a lot of people […]

16 Amazing Malaysian Foods

The last time I was in Malaysia was 5 months ago and I wrote this post on amazing Malaysian foods but for some reason never actually posted it. GET YOUR FREE MALAYSIA CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE Just as well because since then I’ve been living in the Philippines and I haven’t been doing anything “travelly”, […]

25 Delicious Cambodian Foods

I had kept hearing that Cambodian food wasn’t that good so I didn’t have very high expectations. Luckily for me, I was mistaken, and managed to come across 25 delicious Cambodian foods. GET YOUR FREE CAMBODIA CHEAT SHEET TRAVEL GUIDE Apparently it is just not that good in comparison to other places in South East […]

Preventing and Treating Travelers Diarrhoea

This post discusses preventing and treating travelers diarrhoea.. It also talks about: The symptoms of travelers diarrhea Preventing travelers diarrhea Re-hydration plans BRAT foods Antibiotics What to do if it is more serious then travelers diarrhea Symptoms of dysentery Treatment of dysentery Natural remedies for diarrhea and dysentery. To me, there is nothing worse than […]