Most Useful Languages to Learn for Travelers

This post gives a list of the 13 most useful languages to learn for travelers. It also explains how I decided which languages go on the list, what order of importance they they appear in, and how I am going to apply the results to my personal life. When I was a child watching Captain […]

Bert’s Language Learning Plan

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to communicate to everyone in the world. I want to so here is a language learning plan I put together. Actually, I consider myself as an introvert and even when speaking my native tongue (English) I don’t really go out of my way to talk to people, […]

Survival Language Learning

Survival language learning means to only learn just enough of a language to get by. Actually, in most places you don’t need to know anything. Body language is extremely powerful and English is common. That being said, knowing even the smallest amount of the local language can be extremely helpful. Even if it is very […]