16 Amazing Malaysian Foods

The last time I was in Malaysia was 5 months ago and I wrote this post on amazing Malaysian foods but for some reason never actually posted it. GET YOUR FREE MALAYSIA TRAVEL GUIDE CHEAT SHEET Just as well because since then I’ve been living in the Philippines and I haven’t been doing anything “travelly”, […]

Mini Malaysia Review, Melaka, Malaysia

This Mini Malaysia review contains costs, directions, pictures, and other useful information. Mini Malaysia is a cultural park found in the city of Melaka in Malaysia. It is actually called Mini Malaysia and ASEAN but the mini ASEAN part was closed for reconstruction when I was there. I am guessing it would show traditional houses […]

Fort Cornwallis Review, Georgetown, Penang

This Fort Cornwallis review contains costs, directions, pictures and other useful information. Fort Cornwallis is an 18th century British fort on the north-east coast of the historic city of Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia. GET YOUR FREE MALAYSIA TRAVEL GUIDE CHEAT SHEET I passed by a number of places that I thought looked interesting during my […]

Danum Valley Review, Sabah, Malaysia

This post is a Danum Valley review. Danum Valley is a forest reserve found in near the town of Lahad Datuk in Sabah, Malaysia. This Danum Valley review includes directions, pictures, costs and other useful information. Cost(s): Sorry but due to the fact that this was a family holiday I didn’t pay for anything! Address: […]