Factors That Make Singapore Very Business Friendly

Singapore has emerged as the choice location for businessmen wishing to start businesses, and for multinationals intending to expand their operations globally. This island-state has been credited as an epicenter of business in the Asian continent, and a major player in the world’s economy. The city-state has an excellent political climate, a well-developed infrastructure, business-friendly […]

Transferwise vs Tranzfers – 7 Reasons Why I Made the Switch

This is a comparison of Transferwise vs Tranzfers for online international currency transfer. There are many different options for transferring money between countries. The one you choose will depend on your personal circumstance. You must consider things such as: Which countries you are transferring between. How much you are transferring. How fast you need to […]

Bert’s Guide to Haggling

This guide to haggling is about making a fair deal that both the buyer and seller are happy with. When traveling in under-developed countries, the vendor usually needs the extra “50c” more than you. On the flip side, no-one likes being “taken for a ride”. It’s a win-win philosophy. I dislike shopping, especially if it […]

Ways of Being an Ethical Traveler

Being an ethical traveler means to lessen your negative impact on the world as you travel. Issues such as human rights, animal cruelty, the environment, etc. This post discusses some of the areas of travel and things you can do to be more ethical in those areas. It also considers things like being healthy and […]

How to Find the Best Flights

In this post, I will share my personal method on how to find the best flights. By the words how to find the BEST flights I mean you get from point A to point B in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Note: This information is outdated. Find the and updated (and much simpler) version […]

How to Find the Best Accommodation

In this post I will share my personal method on how to find the best accommodation. There are only four steps. This method will get as close as possible to your ideal accommodation at the best possible price. Also, it is fast. When I have a good internet connection it takes me about 15 minutes […]

How to Win at the Casino When Traveling

Most travelers are not big gamblers but there are some places where you will no doubt end up in a casino. Think Las Vegas or Macau. I figure if you are going to gamble then you may as well do it to win. That’s why I have created this guide on how to win at […]

3 Steps to Create a Life of Constant Travel

To be able to create a life of constant travel is not hard. Like everything in life that you have gotten you only have to go out and get it. In this post I outline 3 steps to create a life of constant travel. Actually, to say it’s three steps is a bit misleading. It’s […]

3  Steps for Finding the Best Accommodation in 15 minutes

This post details how I go about finding the best accommodation in 15 minutes. Note: This information is out of date. Find the updated (and much simpler) version on the resources page. When I first started traveling I spent hours comparing websites to find the best deals. Over the years I have refined the process […]

The Best Way to Transfer Money Overseas

Discover the best way to transfer money overseas. This post compares some of the most common ways to transfer money between countries. It also gives my opinions/recommendations on the best way to do it. I’ve gone over this before but I like to refine things to save time. Not everything I do saves money, but […]

Bert’s Method for Finding the Cheapest Flights and Accommodation

This post details my method for finding the cheapest flights and accommodation. It is very straightforward and takes less than 30 minutes. Note: This information is out of date. Find the updated (and much simpler) version on the resources page. The information in this post is from the book “How to Travel on a Budget” […]