Cliff-Jumping in Somoto, Via Esteli, Nicaragua

This post is a retelling of our experience cliff-jumping in Somoto. It also includes useful logistical information on how to go about cliff jumping in Somoto. Somoto is a city in the north of Nicaragua. You Never Know What Will Happen on Your Next Adventure Matteo leaves on Monday night so we decided we had […]

Hiking in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

My favorite thing to do while living in Matagalpa was to go hiking. There aren’t any “famous” hikes in Mataglapa… not even close. But hiking is hiking, and the little town is surrounded by nature. There are some good walks if you don’t mind getting a little adventurous. You Never Know What Will Happen on […]

10 Best Things to do in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Discover the 10 best things to do in Matagalpa. Matagalpa is a town in Nicargua surrounded by mountains. We had decided to make “base” in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, for a few months with nothing to do but Survival Fitness training. Of course, you can’t train all the time. Luckily there are other things to do in […]