El Nido Island Hopping Tours, Palawan

El Nido Island Hopping Tours, Palawan

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There are 5 main tours in El Nido. A, B, C, D, E. Tours A to D are El Nido island hopping tours and tour E is on the mainland. You have many choices for tour companies for each of these tours. They are all very similar though exact El Nido attractions you will go […]


How to Unlock Smart Bro Pocket Wifi

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Learn how to unlock your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi. This tutorial will also show you how to change the smart bro pocket WiFi password. I did this on my Smart Bro Pocket Wifi model FXPR3L but it should work for other models of SmartBro Pocket WiFis also. I haven’t tested it, but there is no […]


10 Fun Things to do in the Philippines

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Discover 10 fun things to do in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of my favorite countries. It is an outdoors mecca with lots of waterfalls, hiking, beaches, and more. A few of the things on this list are whole areas or islands which in themselves have many things to do. It was too hard […]


7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines

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Discover 7 things to do in Narra. Narra is a small town in the south of Palawan, about 90 minutes mini-van ride from Puerto Princesa. Palawan is an island in the Philippines. Unlike the more famous El Nido, Narra sees hardly any tourists. The reason I went there is that I had made a friend […]


50+ Puerto Princesa Tourist Spots, Palawan

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If you’re looking for Puerto Princesa tourist spots, you’ve come to the right place! Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan and is “The City in the Forrest”. It is the 2nd largest city in the Philippines by land mass but has the least population density. No wonder it has awards for being the cleanest […]


Getting a Visa Extension From Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines

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This post will explain getting a visa extension from Tacloban. It covers getting the first visa waiver extension as well as subsequent longer term visas. I had decided to live in Baybay (Leyte) for a few months whilst working on SurvivalFtinessPlan.com, which meant the closest BI Office was in Tacloban. From Baybay it cost 150php […]


15 Awesome Foods of Bicol, Philippines

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Discover 15 awesome foods of Bicol. Bicol is a region in the Philippines. Many people consider it to have the best food in the country. OMG! Compared to the rest of the Philippines, the food of Bicol is something else. Lots of flavors and spices. As soon as I took my first bite of Pinganat, […]


6 Interesting Things to do in Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines

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Discover 6 interesting things to do in Daet Camarines Norte. Daet is a city in the Bicol region of the Philippines. It is about 10 hours (by bus) east of Manila. When deciding what to do in Daet Camarines Norte there isn’t too much choice. Most tourists go there for Bagasbas Beach which is a […]


8 Amazing Things to do in Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines

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Discover 8 amazing things to do in Caramoan, Bicol. Caramoan is at the tip of Camarines Sur, which in on Luzon Island in the Philippines. Caramoan is a quiet “one street” town which for me was a very nice change from the bustle of Naga City. A Complete First Aid Guide for the Smart Traveler […]


Hiking to Binangawan Falls Camiguin, Philippines

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Binangawan Falls is a waterfall found inland of Camiguin Island in the Philippines. It is north of the coastal town of Sagay. Since I had hiked to Katibawasan Falls the day before I had no intention of hiking to Binangawan Falls. I was riding along and saw the sign so I decided it would be […]


20 Delicious Filipino Foods

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The Philippines may not be famous for its food like its South East Asian neighbors, but it is still pretty good. I admit that I wasn’t very impressed at the start, but as I delved more into the local cuisine I really took to it. The food in the Philippines is quite different from other […]


Getting From Bohol to the Camotes Islands, Philippines

Getting from Bohol to Camotes - Philippines 5. boat - Survive Travel

This post explains getting from Bohol to the Camotes islands in the Philippines. You can use the information in reverse to get from Camotes island to Bohol. You will need to take two ferries and a couple of land transports, such as cabs, jeepneys, or tricycles. GET YOUR FREE PHILIPPINES TRAVEL GUIDE CHEAT SHEET   […]