The Best Destinations Around the World for Disabled Travellers

Holidays require an extra level of planning and preparation when you have a disability, but don’t let that stop you from traveling. The extra research will be worth it when you’re seeing the sights and learning about a completely different country. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a destination for yourself, but hopefully, this guide about […]

Sentosa Island Review, Singapore

This post is a Sentosa Island review. Sentosa Island is an island in Singapore which has been turned into a theme park. This Sentosa Island review also includes directions, pictures and other useful information as well as some (perhaps not so useful) personal ranting. I’ve been in Singapore for the past couple of weeks with […]

15 Amazing Singapore Foods

Amazing Singapore foods including pictures, costs and other useful information. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and hence is also full of delicious foods. Cuisines from India, China and Malaysia seem to be the most popular, as well as a large range of western fare, including two fast food chains that I have otherwise […]