Factors That Make Singapore Very Business Friendly

Learn the key factors that make Singapore very business friendly. Singapore has emerged as the choice location for businessmen wishing to start businesses, and for multinationals intending to expand their operations globally. This island-state has been credited as an epicenter of business in the Asian continent, and a major player in the world’s economy. The […]

26 Fun Things to do in Singapore

Discover 26 fun things to do in Singapore. Singapore is an island country in South East Asia. It is very close to Malaysia and was part of Malaysia in the past. I enjoyed Singapore more than I expected. Although it is more expensive than most other parts of Asia, there was lots to see and […]

15 Typical Singaporean Foods

Discover 15 typical Singaporean foods. The food of Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. Famous dishes of Singapore include dishes from India, China, and Malaysia. Western food is easy to find too. Despite being one of the more expensive locations of Asia, the street food in Singapore is still cheap. It’s not hard to […]