The Best Destinations Around the World for Disabled Travellers

Holidays require an extra level of planning and preparation when you have a disability, but don’t let that stop you from traveling. The extra research will be worth it when you’re seeing the sights and learning about a completely different country. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a destination for yourself, but hopefully, this guide about […]

Transferwise vs Tranzfers – 7 Reasons Why I Made the Switch

This is a comparison of Transferwise vs Tranzfers for online international currency transfer. There are many different options for transferring money between countries. The one you choose will depend on your personal circumstance. You must consider things such as: Which countries you are transferring between. How much you are transferring. How fast you need to […]

ThiEye i60+ Samples and Review

This ThiEye i60+ review takes a look at the video and photo modes of the ThiEye i60+. It includes ThiEye i60+ samples with video footage and still photo comparisons. It also gives a general review of the ThiEye i60+ features, settings, and usability. Before purchasing the ThiEye i60+ Action Cam I did a lot of […]

Healthy Habits When Traveling

Having healthy habits when traveling will, well, keep you healthy. In this post, I share my personal healthy habits that I use when traveling. They are habits, not rules. Being ultra strict sucks the fun out of traveling, and life. But getting sick can ruin your whole experience. I’ve found that adopting a few healthy […]

Prevention and Treatment of Dehydration for Travelers

Dehydration is a common ailment for travelers. Especially when in the tropics and/or doing outdoor activities. Follow these guidelines for the prevention and treatment of dehydration for travelers. That way you can continue to have a fun and safe time exploring. Contents Causes of Dehydration Sign and Symptoms of Dehydration Symptoms of Mild Dehydration Symptoms […]