Transferwise vs Tranzfers – 7 Reasons Why I Made the Switch

This is a comparison of Transferwise vs Tranzfers for online international currency transfer. There are many different options for transferring money between countries. The one you choose will depend on your personal circumstance. You must consider things such as: Which countries you are transferring between. How much you are transferring. How fast you need to […]

Bert’s Guide to Haggling

This guide to haggling is about making a fair deal that both the buyer and seller are happy with. When traveling in under-developed countries, the vendor usually needs the extra “50c” more than you. On the flip side, no-one likes being “taken for a ride”. It’s a win-win philosophy. Pin and Share it! Bert’s Guide […]

How to Find the Best Flights

In this post, I will share my personal method on how to find the best flights. By the words how to find the BEST flights I mean you get from point A to point B in the fastest and cheapest way possible. I used to have quite a complicated system for this. It involved using […]

How to Find the Best Accommodation

In this post I will share my personal method on how to find the best accommodation. There are only four steps. This method will get as close as possible to your ideal accommodation at the best possible price. Also, it is fast. When I have a good internet connection it takes me about 15 minutes […]

The Best Way to Transfer Money Overseas

Discover the best way to transfer money overseas. This post compares some of the most common ways to transfer money between countries. It also gives my opinions/recommendations on the best way to do it. I’ve gone over this before but I like to refine things to save time. Not everything I do saves money, but […]