Healthy Habits When Traveling

Having healthy habits when traveling will, well, keep you healthy. In this post, I share my personal healthy habits that I use when traveling. They are habits, not rules. Being ultra strict sucks the fun out of traveling, and life. But getting sick can ruin your whole experience. I’ve found that adopting a few healthy […]

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Course Review

This post is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help course review. A couple of months ago for something to do I attended a Javanese Healing Massage Course. I’ve always had an interest in traditional healing but never got around to learning any. I guess the Javanese healing course inspired me to get onto it. READ […]

Prevention and Treatment of Dehydration

This posts discusses the prevention and treatment of dehydration. Dehydration occurs when the body loses too much fluid. Left unchecked it can be life-threatening. I spend most of my time in tropical countries, and when I explore I love to walk. Even when it is stupid hot I prefer to walk. Thankfully, I have never […]

Preventing and Treating Travelers Diarrhoea

This post discusses preventing and treating travelers diarrhoea.. It also talks about: The symptoms of travelers diarrhea Preventing travelers diarrhea Re-hydration plans BRAT foods Antibiotics What to do if it is more serious then travelers diarrhea Symptoms of dysentery Treatment of dysentery Natural remedies for diarrhea and dysentery. To me, there is nothing worse than […]

Ways of Being an Ethical Traveler

Being an ethical traveler means to lessen your negative impact on the world as you travel. Issues such as human rights, animal cruelty, the environment, etc. This post discusses some of the areas of travel and things you can do to be more ethical in those areas. It also considers things like being healthy and […]

8 Ways to Cure Motion Sickness

In this post, I will discuss 8 ways to cure motion sickness. Motion sickness is a common ailment for the traveler. I even get it sitting in a hammock! Some lucky people don’t get it ever and for others, it can be enough to not want to do something. For years I stayed clear from […]

3 Methods of Earthing While Traveling

This post gives a basic explanation of what earthing is and why we should do it. It also explains ways of earthing while traveling. Earthing, also known as grounding, is about connecting electrically with the earth. In the same way that we must ground electrical appliances, we should do the same to our bodies. The […]

This post focuses on preventing and treating friction blisters. It also covers what a friction blister is, what a hot-spot is, treatment for hot-spots, preventing friction blisters, treating friction blisters, and how to drain a blister. I love walking. Once I walked for seven weeks (hiking the Bibbulmun Track), and whenever I am in a […]

10 Uses for Baby Powder While Traveling

This post lists my top 10 uses for baby powder while traveling. I first came across the usefulness of baby powder many years ago back in my military days. They used to issue a blend of medicated talcum power to put on your feet. Then , during my earlier days of traveling, I would occasionally […]

6 Easiest Ways to Cure a Stiff Neck

While I was in Sri Lanka I woke up with a stiff neck so I did a bunch of research on how to get rid of it. This post summaries my research down to what I have found to be the 6 easiest ways to cure a stiff neck. A sore or stiff neck is […]

Travelers Exercise Routine

Here is a travelers exercise routine that needs no equipment and very little space, i.e., you can do it in an average size hotel room. This travelers exercise routine includes all the components of a good workout including warm up, cool down, and stretching. It also doubles as ongoing self-defense training and is flexible enough […]