10 Cool Things to do in Vietnam

Discover 10 cool things to do in Vietnam. Once you get outside of the cities, Vietnam is an amazing country to travel in. Even in the cities, there are plenty of things to do. Also, the food is amazing! I only wish my visa lasted longer than a month. Here are my 10 picks for […]

21 Awesome Foods of Vietnam, Asia

Discover 21 awesome foods of Vietnam. I spent about 3 weeks in Vietnam and one of the highlights was the abundance of awesome Vietnamese food. Almost every city has some special famous dish, and traditional Vietnamese food in general is delicious. With the French influence you get cheap baguettes and nice breads, but then you […]

12 Amazing Things to Do in Dalat, Vietnam

Discover 12 amazing things to do in Dalat. Dalat is a city located in the central highlands of Vietnam. It is cooler than most other parts of Vietnam and is famous for its fresh produce and scenery. My single best piece of advice for seeing Dalat is to take a motorbike tour. It is great […]