Cliff-Jumping in Somoto, Via Esteli, Nicaragua

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This post is a retelling of our experience cliff-jumping in Somoto. It also includes useful logistical information on how to go about cliff jumping in Somoto. Somoto is a city in the north of Nicaragua.

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Matteo leaves on Monday night so we decided we had better do something cool so he gets to do it before he leaves. We decided cliff-jumping in Somoto would fit the description. Actually, Canyon De Somoto had been on our list since we got here so we gave ourselves three choices.

  1. Wake up really early and knock out the Canyon in a day.
  2. Do the Canyon over 2 days.
  3. Do something other than the Canyon, something closer to Matagalpa.

Thankfully we chose option 2. To be fair I think choice three wasn’t really an option, and doing it over two days meant we could do some exercise and fight training in the morning and still not be rushed, and that’s exactly what we did.

In order to go cliff-jumping in Somoto, you first need to get to Esteli.

Cliff-Jumping in Somoto

In Somoto Canyon

Getting to Canyon De Somoto

To get to where we could go cliff-jumping in Somoto, we first caught a bus to Somoto from the *Esteli bus station. The bus from Esteli to Somoto was 25NIO and took about two hours.

*This is a different terminal than the one from Matagalpa, but only about a 10 minute walk up the road.

Once in Somoto, we then went straight onto another bus towards El Espino. Tell the bus driver your going to the Canyon to make sure they stop there. Also tell the guy that takes the money the same thing. It cost us 8NIO each.

Cliff-Jumping in Somoto

In Somoto Canyon

Finding a Cliff-Jumping in Somoto Tour

As soon as we got off there were people offering tours and ‘information’. We were planning on doing it ourselves using directions I found off the internet but really didn’t know where to start. A guy mentioned the word map and free information so we went with him. Clearly he was trying to sell us a tour, and to be fair, it sounded really good compared to what we planned to do. As soon as he mentioned showing us all the places we could go cliff-jumping in Somoto, we were in. The charge was 15us each (already $10 cheaper than the hostel) but after telling them we had no money we got it to 150NIO each.. more than a 60% discount and we really didn’t try very hard. It was well worth it.

Cliff-Jumping in Somoto

Our extremely friendly non-english speaking tour guide led us on a 2km ‘hike’ (Mona and the rest of the boys did it in jandals/thongs/flipflops.. so more like a walk on gravel) to the top of the Canyon de Somoto. The directions we had would have led us to the bottom which meant we’d have to swim up-stream, assuming we’d find it. So we floated down stream, got to jump off a few ‘cliffs’, 4 to be exact, each one higher than the last. It was a lot of fun. At the end we caught a boat (paid for as part of the tour money) to the mouth of the Canyon, then walked about 1km out. The whole thing took about 3hours. The tour was VERY worth it. Even if you are not keen on cliff-jumping in Somoto, I highly recommend it.

Here’s a short video of some of the boys cliff-jumping in Somoto, the second highest ‘cliff’

Next Stop.. Back to Matagalpa, Nicaragua

By the end of cliff-jumping in Somoto and the Canyon de Somoto tour, we were running a bit late and wanted to get back home before the day was out so took a taxi back to Somoto. 10NIO each. Then straight on a bus back to Esteli. Once there Mat and Cam took a taxi back to the Hotel to pick up stuff we had left behind and met us at the terminal to get back to Matagalpa.

Unfortunately, we had missed the last bus by a couple of hours. After some quick maths, we figured it would only cost us 1usd each extra to catch a taxi back to Matagalpa as opposed to staying another night. It was worth it for the convenience, so we did. (50usd between us)

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