Climbing Little Adam’s Peak – Ella – Sri Lanka Day 8

Climbing Little Adam’s Peak – Ella – Sri Lanka Day 8

This post is about climbing Little Adam’s Peak in Ella. Ella is a small tourist town in the Sri Lankan countryside.

This climbing Little Adam’s Peak post includes information on a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast, getting from Ella to Matara, a Matara accommodation review, and exploring Matara.

It and also provides directions, a daily cost summary, other useful information, and perhaps also some not so useful personal observations and opinions.

I woke up really early this morning because the family wakes up early to cook and listen to he radio. We were served up a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast with samosas, roti, bananas, really sweet tea, and hoppers which I did not have room for.

After eating a big traditional Sri Lankan breakfast I packed my stuff away and went to climb Little Adam’s Peak.

Traditional Sri Lankan Breakfast - Climbing Little Adam's Peak

Traditional Sri Lankan Breakfast – Samosas, Roti, Bananas, Sweet tea and Hoppers to follow.

Climbing Little Adam’s Peak

Climbing Little Adam’s Peak was a nice morning stroll and it took about two hours round trip. You walk through the tea fields and get a pretty spectacular view from the top.

Climbing Little Adam's Peak - Valley View

View of the valley from Little Adams Peak

Climbing Little Adam’s Peak is not difficult. The track is well maintained and easy to follow.

Climbing Little Adam's Peak - Tea Fields

Overlooking the Teas Fields while walking up Little Adams Peak

Getting to the Little Adam’s Peak Trail

Ella is very small. Once you are there, getting to the Little Adam’s Peak Trail is about a 15 minute walk from town. Here’s a map of Ella.

Climbing Little Adam's Peak - Ella - Getting to Little Adams Peak

Map to get to Little Adam’s Peak starting point

Getting From Ella to Matara

My next stop was the beach town of Matara. Getting from Ella to Matara is a double bus ride. First a one hour ride to Wellawaya which costs 60LKR. You can catch this bus from the top of the street that leads to the train station, or from in town.

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Once at the bus station in Wellawaya, switch to the bus to Matara. The locals will point you the way. This ride cost 200LKR and is 5 to 6 hours with a pit stop about an hour in.

Getting to Rawana Falls By Bus

Getting to Rawana Falls by bus is a lot cheaper than a tuk-tuk and just as easy as it drops you off right out the front.

Catch the same bus as if going from Ella to Matara and get off at Rawana Falls which is about 10 minutes into the journey.

Matara Accommodation Review – Roshan Rest

Cost: 1100LKR/night, lowered to 1000LKR/night if staying more than one night

This Matara Accommodation review is for a place called Roshan Rest which is along beach road. I went into a few places before I found this one, but it still didn’t take long to find.

The owners were very nice with limited English. I think they were brothers. I got a decent room with a fan, internet and a private bathroom. No hot water. Internet is a bit dodgy. Great location, i.e., across the road from the beach and walking distance to bus station, town, and cheap restaurants.

I would stay at Roshan’s Rest again if I was to ever return to Matara.

Matara Accommodation Review - Roshan's Rest - Climbing Little Adam's Peak

When walking East along Beach Road from the bus station, turn left when you see this.

This Matara accommodation review was for a hotel/guesthouse that is not on any booking sites. If you want to be safe, you can book your accommodation in Matara before getting there.

Getting to Roshan Rest – Matara Accommodation

From the bus station, getting to Roshan Rest is an easterly walk along Beach Road. It is next door to the New Browns Rest, just behind a bakery/restaurant and across the road from the Beach Park (a strip of grass between the beach and the road).

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Address: No 4/41 Beach Road, Matala. 0412228318

Matala Accommodation Review - Roshans Rest - Climbing Little Adams Peak

Map to Get to Roshan’s Rest

Exploring Matara

Once settled in I went exploring Matara by taking a stroll down Beach Park. Parivi Duwa Shrine was the first thing I came across.

Climbing Little Adams Peak - Exploring Matara - Parivi Duwa Shrine

Parivi Duwa Shrine

Next I decided to go over the bridge through the city center, west along the river through the residential areas and then south towards the inlet, where my intention was to cross over. I assumed there would be some sort of bridge, but there wasn’t.

Climbing Little Adams Peak - Exploring Matara - Inlet

Inlet I tried to cross

I asked a couple of young teens if it was shallow enough to walk over. Of course they said yes, and of course it was not, which I discovered when my head was underwater. Not wanting to get my bag wet (I had it held over my head) I decided not to swim over. Also, although extremely unlikely at the inlet, I was scared of crocodiles.

Climbing Little Adams Peak - Exploring Matara - Fishermen

Fishermen on the beach

Luckily, instead of having to walk around again, a local fisherman gave me a lift on his boat across the inlet.

Exploring Matara - Climbing Little Adam's Peak

Where I walked while exploring Matara

Costs Summary for Climbing Little Adam’s Peak – Ella


Fruit. 200LKR
Small Eats. 55LKR
Egg Kottu. 130LKR
Food Costs Total: 385LKR


Bus to Wellawaya. 60LKR
Bus to Matara. 200LKR
Transport Costs Total: 260LKR


Home-Stay – Ella, including dinner and breakfast. 2000LKR
Roshan Rest – Matara. 1000LKR
Accommodation Costs Total: 3000LKR

Grand Total for Day 8 in Sri Lanka: 3645LKR
Grand Total in USD (Approx): $27.50

The highlight of my day today is a toss up between climbing Little Adams Peak and my stroll/boat ride whilst exploring Matara.

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Have you been climbing Little Adam’s Peak before? Feel free to share your experiences (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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